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SIDEBAR – Believe it or not, in my REAL life I am piss poor terrible at writing things down,

keeping track of stuff…and thus, as I AM in the habit of documenting my days on this blog, the next 10 days will be MY WAY to Journal our California Vacation…for those of you who follow my Blog for the HOME advice this may be a temporary let down…but I hope you will stay with me…

Palm Trees as seen from the Highway!Palm Trees as seen from the Highway!

My life is busy as heck in Virginia but simple in so many ways..

especially when I step outside of it and look at it through Los Angeles colored glasses! We have not even tapped our trip, but just dinner and an evening walk brought back my city self and made me happier than I have been I months. I LOVE LA.

I recently started following a GREAT blog called THE PLEATED POPPY. LINDSAY is an adorable, WELL REALLY she is quite beautiful, like could be a model pretty… Mom of 3 kids, all under 10 years of age. She is inspiring and an INCREDIBLY talented seamstress,  SEE HER ONLINE SHOPPING page where she sells her beautiful creations, handmade Everythings.

the pleated poppy blog

anyway, I PROMISE TO blog more about Lindsay and her wares, but today I would like to introduce a feature of her blog, which, truth be told, is what REALLY made me fall in love with her. She has a feature called “WHAT I WORE”

in her own words” i started this series as an accountability tool for myself, to get myself out of jammies and sweats and into proper clothes.  after taking daily pics of myself and seeing what i really looked like, i was quickly motivated to spend a couple extra minutes to throw on something decent!”

I LOVE THIS! I spend so much time NOT thinking about ME and what I wear and yet I DO LOVE clothes and I DO like looking nicer than my workout clothes all day, or t-shirts that look like they could be from my kids drawers…at any rate..Lindsay hosts a Link party where you can do your own ‘WHAT I WORE”…and

 I thought “what better time? I am on vacation, putting together outfits…actually taking some time getting ready…” and so I am going to do my own “what I wore” and then when I get home…hopefully it will inspire me to stay on top of my appearance AS IF I am on vacation and have time!!!!


Our bodies said 6:30 while the clocks said 3:30 and the kids went with the clocks and immediately hit the rooftop pool!

Rooftop Pool LA!
Rooftop Pool LA!

I LIKE TO THINK I am such a CITY girl trapped in the LIFE of a country girl, well, not so much TRAPPED as I am, JUST THERE, but really I am just a CITY girl…who is  MOM, living in the country…..I had no idea what to take to LA, I brought way too much color…they wear a lot of black..sort of grunge meets sexy meets tall and skinny…

…anyway…immediately upon setting foot in LA I knew I had packed too colorful and for too warm weather…as it was a beautiful, well perfect really 65 degrees here. but I had enough to start with….and as …. 

I am NOT

bathing-suit-on-a-rooftop- ready…but I put this outfit together to lounge and read my book…(OMG “Fault in Our Stars” by John Green …AMAZING!)

The Kids surfing at Dana Pint CA
The Kids surfing at Dana Pint CA

I feel rejuvenated and happy and actually a tad older as I celebrated my Birthday this week too!!!! Other than a few car battles…the kids have all gotten along famously…in truth I never want it to end..

It has gone much TOO FAST and contains a lifetime worth of memories….


…..the trick , the challenge but I am up to the task….will be to hold onto the “Vacation ME” the me that got some perspective…saw more of the world than my own little Hamlet…which I do love, but which often times gives me a form of tunnel vision.

I will see you Monday…Have a Great Weekend…!!!

Pool Outfit! Day One
Pool Outfit! Day One – shirt -J Crew, shorts TARGET, Belt-J Crew, Shoes. Tory Burch and my Mothers day Tory Burch Purse! ( and my NEW J Crew Anchor iphone cover! looking pretty spiffy!)


It was now 10pm our time and we thought we better do dinner, my incredible headache tipping me off that I had not eaten in  hours…so we went to a great place just outside out hotel…

Dinner Outfit day 1
Dinner Outfit day 1 – T shirt J Crew, Sweater – Gap, skirt – TARGET, shoes – Tory slide (you may as well get used to these shoes…I will be living in them!)


.I think I will make this a weekly post….thoughts? What do you wear?

….for now…we are off to Laguna Beach for the day..and if my postings are a bit erratic …forgive, I am having the time of my life!!!!!!

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