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So here is something I cannot wrap my mind around.

In 20 days I will be 60!

What! It just feels so strange . Forget the part about getting old and how so much MORE is BEHIND than ahead –

blah blah blah – it just feels incredibly weird.

I remember both of my parents 60th birthday parties and THEY WERE OLD –

but I don’t feel old!

I just feel like me!


I guess that is the big fat JOKE, irony and truth of it all – the only people who think old is “Old” are young! Because I look in the mirror and just see myself and think the same thoughts .

It’s just strange.


Phoebe and I agreed a few years ago that we would get special tattoos for her 20th and my 60th ( I turned 40 when she was 3 months old) . We wanted the day to feel special and eventful so we drove to Richmond and found an awesome Tattoo Parlor .

… an aside – Phoebe has baby names picked out for her someday children so you better believe she knew exactly what she wanted for her Tattoo to look like . I, however, had not yearned for a tattoo for years and had waited for a moment to ponder it and of course no moment happened. So last Thursday I decided to get serious and think about it since we were going the next day!

I was considering a mini skyline of my favorite cities …

skyline of my favorite cities idea. Maybe next time!

or something like a tiny heart for each of my 3 kids….

tattoo idea for 3 kids

….and then Phoebe and I both realized that we should tiny Dragonflies!!!!! We are HUGE Gilmore Girls fans, it is something we have shared since she was a little girl and it felt absolutely perfect. We knew immediately that we would do the exact Dragonfly tattoo on the exact place – so that if ever we are missing each other we just have to look at our tattoos to feel better.



Getting a Tiny Tattoo.

I am certain there are thousands of websites and articles that give you lots of pertinent information on tattoos and the care of your tattoo. I am just going to tell you how it was for us.

The Tattoo parlor we went to was recommended by the first one we went to – (WE thought we could just walk-in. Wrong) Better to make an appointment. duh. But the second place took walk-ins and  in truth we were so happy that the first place was booked because the second place was amazing. It was like a little museum of cool artifacts…funky taxidermy, like if Harry Potter met Goth – and the people we wonderful .

The Tattoo Parlor

The first thing we did was tell her what we wanted. Always good to have lots of photos of what you would like and they also have volumes of books with ideas and sketches.

Since we were getting tiny tattoos in comparison to most clients – the entire process…walking in the door to leaving was no more than 40 minutes max.

It is a little like getting a shot, with noise….she cleans the area, draws the template on, then gets to work. And – It hurts about like a shot, but if a shot lasted longer, still any pain is surprisingly tolerable.

There are a few schools of thought about the “aftercare”. We had clear Tegaderm kind of bandages that we removed the next day. Just keep it clean and dry

 …And now my tattoo looks like it has been there all 60 years of my LIFE!!!!

I am so glad that we did this!!!!


  1. Love this Lesli! Never been a fan of tattoos, but am reconsidering a tiny one with my special daughter-thank you

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