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And so We Begin…

It’s Overwhelming…
A whole brand New Year
right in front of me
like a blank sheet of paper
…where do I begin?
How should I begin?

I am a tad limited in my options,
what with the dislocated shoulder and all…
a souvenir of our recent ski trip..
on the other hand,,, I see this is an opportunity to slow down, 
take a nap?

catch up on my thoughts…

make some lists…
plot my new moves…and I have many up my sleeves!

so here I go:
to do this year….
1.Paintings – Keep on painting!!! and Expand my market – get them all over the world!
and explore doing a small select group of affordable prints, 
maybe cards…maybe something fun like 
a lamp? A cow lamp?


 BEGINNING WITH…The Boys room – I have the fabric already for drapes, pillows, having the chair upholstered.

and the above fabrics are for the kids bath…

3. RE DO the old Sleeping Porch for Tate to have his own room…I still hold out hope that we will be able to  Potentially have the old sleeping porch done to be Tate’s bedroom…

4. Have Phoebe’s chair reupholstered. ( our re upholsterer guy is cheaper than doing it myself, I kid you not!)

these are a few of the fabrics I have.


5. Light fixtures – two in hall downstairs…


6. Paint another Union Jack Dresser

I am contemplating doing an aqua/hot pink Union jack here?

7. Bed for Phoebe…old one paint it? 


8. Tile, tile tile, all the bathrooms

9. and on the subject of bathrooms, ours needs a new shower and wall tile.
10. Conferences – I am booked for two – I am so excited to learn more and meet people I read daily!

11. Meet the Novogratz’s! I just think they are super cool and I want them to see my ART!

12. FINISH The Kitchen Makeover...once and for all. Of course, it may be more realistic to meet the Novogratz…but I am going to dream and Dream BIG!!!!

That is enough list making for now.

I would like to take/steal this opportunity and perhaps take advantage of my audience to ask if anyone has ever had a separated shoulder, the ac joint injury? (not to be confused with the acl knee injury) I would love to hear what types of treatments are available etc etc. there is nothing like personal experience..and I may need to be deciding things like surgery or no surgery…so if anyone has anything to share – I would be eternally grateful!

My best to all of you as we take on this blank slate of a year! if you too feel overwhelmed…just start with a list. and here is another hint…do not write what you won’t do...ONLY what you WILL do…it feels better…trust me!

4 thoughts on “And so We Begin…

  1. You’re such a great painter. Paintings can, indeed, make a space livelier. I wish I had someone like you in my house. I can’t wait to see how everything will turn out.

  2. A wonderful year for you and for your family! Much success, love, joy, friends, health and everything good that comes!

    Happy 2012!

    Luiza Mallmann

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