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YES, yes, You are in the right place.

I have some extra down time on my hands
 with this durn ripped shoulder and so 
I am seizing the opportunity to fiddle with my 
I found a great Blog Design site called
with an even greater 
I LOVE her point of view…
and I am having a blast!!!

so bear with me…I may look a little different,
 perhaps even multiple times throughout the day..but hey,
think of it like I am trying on new outfits…
but the ME inside is always the same.

and by all means…feedback feedback feedback
if you have a “look” you like or any suggestions, 
I would love your input.
while my style is not necessarily “shabby”, but rather…

retro – comfy – traditional – modern country – eclectic industrial….


1 thought on “CHANGE IS GOOD!

  1. I like the pink tinted paint peeling look. It’s similar to a number of things around my house, which I keep telling myself is chic, yes?
    Shabby blogs is a very fun website. Good eye candy. Maybe I’ll get around to giving my blog a facelift….

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