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and they’re off !

School started today…and theyr’e off! When I look back on today, and I will, be kind. I know that my children have not gone off to college, or even to camp, but I miss them already. I know that someday, this “blip” will seem like such a scratch. But in my reality, in this little world of mine, I feel a little lost. I miss my kids and I really miss our summer of fun, I had to catch myself this morning when I went to hit the “rewind” button. No worries, I will find my way. I dropped crumbs behind me the whole way down and I will get back up in no time. Don’t I always?
I have got to get a job! and by job I mean, something to do that does not completely flip my life over the rails but that gives me a spark, and a paycheck would not hurt either.
Pick up-
Nine had a good day, third grade is a blast!! The boy that sits next to him is also a leftie so they won’t “crash elbows”. His homework was to tell me about two new people he had met and the big news was that there is a live in Guniea Pig named “tripod” in the classroom, who gets to do weekend sleepovers. I asked him if he was named Tripod because he only has three legs. He said “Nope, but close”. He explained to me that when tripod was a baby in the pet store, he lived in a cage with two bunnies. He has 4 legs…but just 3 feet. The man in the store never could find the other foot. Guess it got lost in the cage. Or was mistaken for a carrot!
The middle schoolers, Eleven and Thirteen get home next. I will wager that darling daughter 11 will bubble over with stories, all exaggerated and related at 45 speed about her teachers and a really funny embarrassing thing that a friend did and “guess who goes to my school!!”. The seasoned 7th grader will mumble at first, I will use every ounce of patience to not react, he will say something snide and nasty to his little brother along the lines of “You STILL do that!”, tears will come., my patience will run out, I will scream, daughter will cry “This is the worst day of my LIFE!” and all will be right with the world. I almost don’t really need to pick them up now do I?…But I will, just for kicks.  we will check back later to see how close my wagers were.
later…nice surprises. I think they are all too tired to fight…hmmm, I will have to explore this more. Eleven said school was just like College (in her experience) and big brother said that the crazy naughty boy is in two classes of his, everyday. Keeps it all in perspective and certainly makes everyone else look better.
My universal First day of school memories consitently include  me being very over dressed for the occasion and season, in clothing that was way too “Fall” for the Indian summer Temperatures of Florida. And there is a smell, that when I accidently trip upon it always brings back sense memories of school, elementary school. It is a hot outdoor smell, like a sandy grassy playground that just came out of a dirty microwave. That smell lietrally makes me drowsy, like poppies, and I almost have to lie down. I get a cramp in my side as if I just ran the track and need a drink of water right away.