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ANNIVERSARIES and the Mayor of Greenwood.

On November 5
Damon and I celebrated our 
18th wedding anniversary 
18 years! whoa Nellie!


(My daughter said “Hey Mom…if your marriage was a person, they would be able to VOTE!”)
My sweet husband in addition to a very sweet card and beautiful flowers, 
 treated me to some delicious
(CONVENIENTLY  left on my Wish list!)

silver teardrop earrings
sofia pearl bib necklace
like the one Bethanny Frankel has!
 My gift to Damon, who is THE HARDEST person on
earth to give a gift to, 
was A painting
I did of our first “baby”
We got Parker the Beagle when she was just 8 weeks old. She could not even go up the stairs…she was so tiny.
She was a such a  wonderful dog…she went everywhere with us, through two pregnancies and
she slept under the babies cribs, gave great kisses and had the softest ears.
She died when Phoebe was 8 months old.
Beagles and cars do not mix. My heart broke. 
The painting will be here for a few days and then Damon is taking it to his office.
Presently it looks PERFECT above MY
Reviews to come…
…in the meantime…I have to share with you the funniest emailI just got about our 
 Parker was  a tough act to follow and I was knee deep in babies 
so we comforted our need for furry friends with 
“Fluffy the cat” and held off on getting another dog until
 finally, the Christmas after we moved here
in 2004, the kids and I  took a trip to the SPCA.
You know…JUST to LOOK!
And we brought home 
Aptly Named, Dash is super fast…we have clocked him chasing our car at 25mph
and we watched in horror, one month after we got him,  as he was hit by a truck speeding down our street. Certain I would be burying another dog…he emerged…TOTALLY intact, not a scratch, No broken bones……
but since that day…he runs, full speed…using only 3 legs…it really is incredible!
While he lives WITH us…he belongs to no one…
He is, in fact….the Neighborhood dog.
This assumption on our part was confirmed when delivering invitations
to a Holiday Open house, we discovered that …
in addition to having a bowl at most houses on the street…
he also has different names…
“Buddy”, “Sport”, “the Mayor”…
He is like the dog in “Lady and The Tramp”…
”hey Brownie how about a snack” …..”hey Luigi have some pasta”

I have been sent photos of him sleeping on beds and laying on sofas…

and today my neighbor, visiting her Mom down the street, 
sent me these photos…
…with the caption..

“YUM!!! Sausage for breakfast!”


Good Boy Dash!
The Mayor of Greenwood.

5 thoughts on “ANNIVERSARIES and the Mayor of Greenwood.

  1. your painting of Parker is amazing!! luckily I have not had the loss of my own dog yet by Diesel is getting old and I probably should start mentally preparing myself for that day but on to better things I really love this story about Flash

  2. Happy Anniversary. The painting of Parker is so amazing and the story of the dog of many names, including Dash the Mayor of Greenwood, is awesome 🙂
    There might be a book in that story somewhere…. hmmmm?

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