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All of my NEW Design Books have been coming in…
sometimes two a day!
and the other day I got
my friend John and Sherry Petersik’s 
New Book


It is BETTER than I ever dreamed possible and I knew it would be good.
I cannot wait to sit and pour over every single page…
At first glance this is what I LOVE:
1. size...it is the PERFECT size to take with you from room to room, in your purse, while you shop and as a ready reference, While most design books make great coffee table books, this one will move, from room to room, as new projects are attempted. It’s compact size is PERFECT!
…soon my YHL book will be as worn as my Beloved DOMINO book…
2. Price Not only was this book affordable ($15.57 on Amazon) …but when Amazon shipped it, they even refunded me some change!
3. Graphics and Photos: The use of space on each page is efficient and practical and very easy to read.
4. No Book Jacket – I LOVE LOVE LOVE beautiful books, but this book, like the DOMINO book (in my humble opinion one of the BEST ever) a pretty book jacket would have HAD to go.

5. Guest Chapters –  The guest chapters and DIY sections only enhance the overall appeal of the book to me. I mean if I had a book, I would have to have a guest do the gardening part..because that is not my strength…

Stefanie from one of my FAVES Brooklyn Limestone

Kevin and Layla (YES they are really this beautiful!)
from the Lettered Cottage

Now, I am fairly certain that my little review will NOT in any way impact the success of John and Sherry and Young House Love, but for you, my followers, I HIGHLY recommend this book.
 Here are some things I am going to do: 
1. give it as a wedding present with some supplies to our friends getting hitched. 
2. Give it as a  graduation present to anyone just starting out…and 
3. give it to everyone I know for Christmas. 
4. Tackle more DIY projects including my yard!
Tes, I  have done many many DIY projects and yet, 
there are still more out there to try and I cannot wait to get started!
Now, if you have read this far…then here is a tid bit for you…stay tuned to their YHL blog…because someone you know has been crashed…shhhhhhhh
I have kept this a secret for months…
MONTHS I tell ya! and
 now I am about to pop! 
It should be any day now…
sooooo exciting…I will tell you the whole story later…


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