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Anthropologie Dreams….would that they could come true…

 …the other day, recovering from my separated shoulder…and loopy from pain medicine…
I took a nap and I had a dream, 
and in the dream…I was in a New York City Loft …
a huge Loft?…or was it a giant renovated barn?  
with just a few rooms, 
…all spilling into each other…
and there was a big open kitchen, very industrial but with cabinets like mine and
very warm and inviting, 
and in this kitchen I was an incredible chef!
and I made a terrific 5 course meal…

….and off to the left of the kitchen… is a dining room. 
At first,  it looks like my Dining Room…

…but then, as happens in dreams,  it morphs and changes and then it is
my dining room but  
with a huge beat up farm table, that really isn’t a farm table but recycled wood from a factory in Brooklyn. 

modern farmhouse table
and seated around the table is a hodge podge of chairs, all different colors…,yellow…..
Dalloway Side Chair
 and orange… I choose the aqua one…

…off to the side of the table is a large leather sofa, 

…unashamedly YELLOW and worn and soft which begs me to lay down after my big meal with lots of red wine….but…it is covered in snow, so I brush off the snow and lay down…

across from the yellow sofa is a big orange armchair…

and a cozy yellow leather chair…
and sitting across from me, on this floral sofa…
is Courtney Novogratz …
and we talk about our 13 year old daughters and 
Art and living New York City with her 7 kids…

we talk for hours and she is my best friend…but 

…eventually Courtney, my BFF,  has to leave
to take the 7 kids to soccer and basketball and ballet and hockey and 
chess club and fencing
Mommy and Me
I realize that
 I am very  tired…and all worn out from the meal and the wine and the
wonderful conversation
and I head off to bed…this  beautiful bed…
the coralie bed – anthropologie
…but all the wine and talking makes my head spin
and it difficult for me to sleep, so
I go to the room down the long dark hallway 
and try another bedroom, this one a giant swinging bed
suspended from the ceiling…
barnwood hanging bed
the bed is relaxing and I sleep like a baby in a cradle 
and when I awake, I am so rested, and revived
that I am inspired to sketch, 
…and I drink my tea, 
and I create masterpiece after masterpiece….
and I paint this Piggie..
…named “Cora”
and  all of my paintings sell and I raise enough money to finish my kitchen…

then I wake up, and it was time to pick of my son from school…..
don’t you love naps?
…and dreams….

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