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april sprint

…in quieter times…I always forget the mad dash to the finish that the last week of April ALWAYS is for me. I can’t pin it on any one thing, yes, Phoebe’s birthday is tomorrow but that alone does not account for my having gone through 2 full tanks os gas this week, to the tune of $130, in my cruddy minivan.
it is just life, and Spring and over extending and not saying No and not saying yes, and just plain busy busy Mom stuff, that every Mom understands. so nuff said, but that is where I have been and that is where I am going…but wanted to check in.

My sweet daughter is 13 tomorrow. And since before she was even born I have thought,” if I have a daughter, I will give her the charm bracelet that my mom gave to me on my 13th birthday.” And so that is my plan, I bought her a new charm, engraved with her name, and a jewelry box to put the bracelet, …and now…I can’t find the bracelet. It won’t be the same if I give it to her later!!! How can I have waited all this time for this one moment and now…blow it! It is in this house, but this house is a mess and If I could , it would be on the market ¬†and I would be writing about my NEW city house! Thus, for now, I am blaming it on the house. I have 16 more hours to find the thing and about a Million things to do, that will keep me from looking. What is this supposed to mean? and seriously, who cares?

I leave you with something that always makes me smile….