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IN the NAVY!!

 ...a while back, I shared a desire to bring a little Pink and Navy into my decor scheme. Just a touch and in fact, just a touch is often all you need to make a HUGE impact. I love this look by Samantha Pynn, and wanted to replicate the feel- feminine yet durable, classy, comfortable and relaxed – in my home. I already had a head start with the pink.

Samantha Pynn

 …just some Navy Pillows…a lamp with some navy trim on the shade…

far center is a navy trimmed lampshade on a ginger jar base from Target, classy and simple.

Lumbar Pillow Target $13.99

Geometric Pillows, 2 for $34 on Etsy
when I look at this picture – I don’t like this rug, but alas, it is what we have for now…

Navy Embroidered Pillows from Target

…I feel the difference…and finally..the room has quieted down to me. I love when I get to that place. It does not last forever, but it is such a nice respite when I can sit in the room and not become overwhelmed with the urge or the desire to rearrange…to change…when the room feels just plain good. It’s a burden being so addicted to decorating!

So now…I begin the MAKEOVER of Phoebe’s room. The birthday girl is on her way to The Chesapeake bay for a 4 day field trip, and I will transform her room into a teen haven. I tonically, the colors will be a hyped up version of these above – Hot Pink, Bright Navy, White White White and then a dash of  yellow.

pick a color! 
 …she blew out of here like a tornado…
her belongings line the hall…
I am going to go now to begin to do the trim…

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