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Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics and DRESSING UP THE GOLD CEILING PLATE



Last December, I spied a beautiful small Chandelier and immediately thought it would be perfect for my Bathroom Renovation. But it was not cheap…so I let it go. Fast forward 3 months and I happened to be passing by the same store and was there she was, calling to me from her lonely place on the ceiling…

“Why did you leave me? Come back. You know you will never find anyone who you love more!”…

….of course I went in…and it so happened that everything was 20% off that day…and the little chandelier went home with me.


I noticed when I began to pull the pieces of the room together that my beautiful chandelier, lets just call her “Beauty” did not come with a ceiling plate and the chain was about 4 links long.

IMG_8857I started looking around at what I had…and contemplated using the cap that came with the old Dining Room Chandelier…

IMG_8859…and I bought some chain at LOWES….IMG_8861 But, when I did a dry run…the cap made Beauty hang too long….back to square one…or maybe three?

and  I bought one of these things at LOWES…IMG_8862This in no way matched Beauty elegance…and I contemplated spraying it gold when I stumbled upon this Molten Metallic Paint from Benjamin Moore (seriously WHEN are they going to call me…I would be the best spokeswoman for them!!!)


If you get this paint, and you have kids…THEY will love this!


Paint it on…

One second..it goes on like a thick combo between varnish and paint…which come to think of it…it probably is!!!

in just 15 seconds it has changed…

15 seconds..it starts to separate…
30 seconds...look at how Molten it looks!
30 seconds…look at how Molten it looks!

I painted the ceiling cap and last week , “Beauty” found her new forever home in the Master Bathroom

“Beauty” reflected in my new Medicine Cabinet from Pottery Barn


The above photo is a sneak peek at the almost finished Master Bathroom…I have now taken two showers in my new shower and I have to say…it rocks! One shower for a family of 5 which includes 2 teens and a tween…does not a peaceful home make!

“Beauty” and the scalloped Green Mirror…

Have a Great Weekend!!! Spring is Here!


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