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bit by bit…putting it together…

Phoebe, if you are reading this, turn off the computer an READ NO further!

The countdown is on, or rather, THE  countdownS  ARE on.

we have a few around here:

1. Phoebe turns 13 on April 30
2. Phoebe takes her big 4 day Middle school field trip, May 1
3. Phoebe gets a room make over while she is away on the trip
4. Of course, First, On April 29, William and Kate get married!

as you can see, it is all about Princesses right now~

Here is a funny tidbit – years ago, Charles and Diana’s Fairy tale wedding, took place on July 29, 1981, the day before my birthday (July 30). Now fast forward 30 years and now William and Kate will have their Fairy tale wedding, the day before my darling daughter’s 13th birthday!

so bit, by bit, I am putting it all together (Little Sunday in the Park with George)
and piece by piece it is all coming together, even the  room color!  But THAT is going to be a surprise! Finally.

 chandelier from Urban Outfitters….

 Lilly Pulitzer bedding from Garnet Hill…

Shabby Comforter set from Target…

 have been collecting items for her birthday makeover since Christmas. I got a great rug at Lowes of all places, just a 8′ X 12″ bound lime green remnant for $60!
a pink plastic adirondack chair…the of course, the stick on trees….

…more teen age nice nacs, this is SO fun! Yesterday I got some to die for bright colored picture frames at my fave get stuff you don’t need but can’t pass up store – Marshall’s, Oh and I got this Mirror for me!

 …you know how at Marshall’s, you throw things in your cart and then dump them later, or think about them for a while, well, I thought about this for about 1 second! I HAD to have it. It is just perfect. I found me! and I literally had an empty nail waiting for it at home. I LOVE when this happens!

 anyway, I have some lamps and some precious bookcase that I am moving from my room to hers..furniture I am repurposing, and a special surprise painting I am doing for her 13th Birthday. I will put the repurposing on as I go. Next week is production week and the room goes “up” as they say in the biz, May 1! The big Reveal is Wednesday may 4. Until then…