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…the case for ebay…

…there are days when the score is: House -100 –  Me – Zip.
Yesterday was such a day. I won’t go into detail. Suffice to say,  that Old Houses. My Old Country House in particular, can suck the life out of you/me sometimes. They just are so full of surprises, yes, sometimes good ones, but other times they are like the surprise of finding a bug in your coffee – completely unwelcome and enough to ruin your day.

okay so I got that out of the way.

Now I would like to take a walk down the ebay memory lane.

I am always astounded how many people STILL do not use ebay. If I were the ebay people I would seriously investigate what it is about ebay that intimidates people so much. I mean, I know so many people who LOVE to shop online, who LOVE a good deal, who bargain shop out the wazoo, and yet, have never dipped even their big toe in ebay. All I can say is – you don’t know what you are missing!
Ebay is fantastic. Basically, I consider it another option (especially living in a small town) when I am shopping for almost anything. My brother even bought a car on ebay!

I have bought and sold on ebay and while I am by no means a power seller,  I do have almost 800 pieces of 100% positive feedback. I have bought way more than I have sold but I have sold things you would never even think to sell! For example. the last time I had my wingback chairs re-slipcovered, I sold the old slipcovers for what I paid to have them done! 3 years after I got them! Baby clothes that were worn once, kids brands like Mulberribush and each of my children have upgraded their ipods to itouches by selling their used ipods and American Girl Dolls (with my help) on ebay.

And what I have bought! Oh my, Last minute Broadway show tickets…kitchen faucets…all my bathroom faucets…cabinet hardware…weird replacement parts for my Old Light fixtures…

…my dining room chandelier… previously hung (pre-Katrina) in a New Orleans Mansion. I got it for $114. It has been appraised for over $2000!

 …these monogrammed Pottery Barn kids Sabrina Basket liners, $9.99 for 4 vs. $12 each!, who cares what is monogrammed on them. if you don’t like it you can always turn them around!

…my dining room chairs – $65/each, they came with mis-matched seats and I recovered them. and I am about to recover them again!

…and fabric, I have bought SO MUCH fabric, hundreds of yards of fabric and I have never paid more than $25/yrd. In fact, I reupholstered my entire living room with fabric I purchased on bay, pillows included. 

Belgian linen from ebay

mohair velvet @ $20/yrd
…these window treatments coordinated with my sons bedroom ensemble when he was a baby, by Laura Ashley, they were custom made in London, and the fabric was otherwise nowhere to be found in the states…
$30 a panel

…and more fabric

…this Pottery Barn Runner, lots of rugs…
I think this NEW runner was $99!

and speaking of the chandelier – the candle covers- strange little hard to find things like this – ebay can be an Old Home Owner’s best friend.

…a back issue of Domino magazine…

this issue has my inspiration house by Katie Ukrops in it!
…loads of storage options like these pink buckets…

…vinatge and not so vintage Fiesta ware…


and this HANDS DOWN was my BEST score. 
I inherited my great Aunt Mil’s China,  a lovely aqua pink and white Staffordshire pattern from the 50’s called “Elegance”.Via Ebay- in one purchase- I added – 4 complete ~5 piece place settings, a cream and sugar bowl set , a footed gravy boat, 3 serving platters, a large round cake plate, and two serving bowls (one with a lid!) for…wait for it..
$50 bucks! 
…on Replacements the gravy boat alone is $60!
I mean…seriously!
oh, and bonus! one plate broke on the way and so I was reimbursed for the value of the plate
$35!!! (always have fragile things shipped – insured – it is worth every penny) 
Now …I would LOVE to hear your ebay scores!!! 
I love ebay, and I am happy to put a little tutorial on my blog if you like!

Happy Good Friday!

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  1. You have found some great things at e-bay. I go there often and I have bought some really neat things. Tea cups, vintage broches, vintage hankies, lots of milk glass and depression glass. You have to watch the shipping. Some time the seller will charge a huge shipping cost. But I love e-bay. Never sold anything on it, guess I should try. Thanks for sharing . Karie

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