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Blogfest 2011

     Okay I am SO jealous. I keep reading Posts from some of my favorite Bloggers and it just so happens that they are all hanging out together in my favorite city on earth, NewYorkCity, at this Design event called “Blogfest”!!! I must have missed the boat! Not gotten the invite, or E vite. This looks like such a good time! Like a party of all of my favorite people I have never met!

    I vow to go next year, where do I sign up! I already can’t wait. How awesome would it be to be in the same room, share space and ideas and laughter and thoughts with other bloggers, who like me, dig deep and share our journeys, our expertise, our successes and failures…our real homes and our fantasy homes and our favorite colors.

Gear Shift
Speaking of House Paintings…
      This is a painting I did of our house once and it hangs in my bathroom, because I like the colors. I did a post once, talking about how I think that many House portraits are boring because usually it is what lives inside a house which makes it a HOME gives it life and is the most beautiful part. With this painting, I tried to bring the inside…outside….

my old country house

     This past weekend, when I was with my cousin Vicki, we were batting around possible new blog names, as I contemplated a blog name change. I had been a tad concerned that my current title , “My Old Country House”, was in some way not conveying everything I wanted it to convey – or in some way limiting my audience, with the name “Country” and maybe even “House”. Should it say something about “design” or “inspiration”, other things I am doing? Or is it necessary to say less, to say more. Maybe I was spreading myself too thin? Vicki asked me what my blog was about? What I hope to achieve? Who I wanted to reach? Eventually, through discussion and pondering and meditating on it, I can back to home base and realized that my blog name is fine, people are smart and will find me, I just need to be patient and keep being me.

my favorite spot in the house…
Our house in the green green green

MY house…is a very very very fine OLD house…with 3 cats and 3 dogs and 3 kids
and a bunny in the yard…life used to be so hard…now everything is harder cause your old!