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BORED is good!

…I know a lot of really busy people…some have kids…some don’t…

but they all have a million things to do….
and we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off.
 I even have friends who have chickens! They are VERY busy!

But here is something I have noticed. 
Many of us, though we do run around like crazy, 
when we DO have a SPACE between, with NOTHING do do…well, 
lets just say,
we get lost.
or we feel bad that we are not doing something.
I think that there is a HUGE difference between being BUSY and being PRODUCTIVE –
and I have discovered that often times I am WAY more productive when I am NOT busy.
Make sense?
We have all had our kids say ..
I’m bored!

…and I don’t want to get all “back in my day…” on you, but when I said that to my Mom usually she replied, ….”Good, now go DO something!”

      Being bored is not such a bad thing…amazing things have happened out of boredom!!!…and in truth, I sincerely believe that kids need to LEARN how to pull themselves OUT of boredom, without us, so that they do not wander aimless, so that they can find something TO do, when there is Nothing TO DO! When my kids were little, I discovered that the more I helped them, or set up an activity, set up a “craft” (don’t get me started on kids and crafts!).well, No surprise, the more they came to me…asking for more help, but when I left them to their boredom, which was often times harder, because Whining is the baby sister of boredom and you know, I loathe whining….(my bumper sticker)

but when I  let them stew a bit in their own misery, just let them be bored, low and behold…the next thing I knew they would be coming to show me what they built, or painted or a dance step they made up…OR I might find them asleep on the porch swing…all good options.

I am hoping one of them will build me a new car – like this one made entirely of LEGOS!

….So the next time your kids are bored, or the next time you get panicky because your life is not planned out today,  take it as a gift, wait for a minute and inspiration will come, sometimes in the strangest of ways…and if it doesn’t…heck take a nap!