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collectible lamp from Target….
..I LOVE stumbling upon that PERFECT something
that is unique and that can add a touch of personality to a ROOM.
I KNEW the second I saw these lamps…
….EXactly what I would do.
Having just endured a MAJOR clean out purge…
of the KIDS rooms,
I knew that there were “collections”
which no longer had a space to go,
but that would make the boys SO happy to see…
displayed in a new way…
Tate started a collection years ago of these things called “DUNNYS”
….his siblings followed his lead and also acquired a number of these characters…
which come in “blind boxes”
…. meaning you buy them, not knowing which one you will get.
Then there are special editions…RARE ones etc that make the
collecting even more competitive…

Cooper came out of the womb a “CAR” boy.
VRMMMM” was his first word .
If he did not have a car…he would DRIVE
 anything that he could MAKE a car… a TV remote (see video below), his shoes…
….anything that could go VRMMMMM….
Add to this….
Hot wheels are the best deal in town and for most of his birthdays he would say…
“I dunno Mom, just get me some hot wheels…and maybe a $100 bill!”
Yeah, his second love is money…and maybe down the line we will make a Money lamp!
What collections do you have?
I LOVE these lamps…and my Little Boys…who are growing up WAY too fast!!!
Cooper driving the TV remotes at the Beach house…
to watch video click the arrow on the bottom left….
What collections do your kids have?

4 thoughts on “BOYS ROOM LAMPS

  1. That’s excellent taking one day’s bedroom trash and making it into a lighting fixtures. Its very personable.

    Love what you did. Once your son becomes rich, stuff the lamp with $100s.

  2. I think those lamps were my favorite part of your boys’ room. Plus the Virginia stuff. 😉 My son was born a collector! He went from matchbox cars, to teenage mutant ninja turtles, to power rangers, to wrestling figures, to baseball cards and then sports memorabilia. All of it is stored in my attic awaiting grandchildren someday. Even though he moved out last year his room is still a Cincinnati Reds room with some UVA stuff sprinkled in. 😉

  3. No kidding!

    My kid’s is Dunny’s as well. We’re talking probably close to 150 of them. We won’t discuss how much the more rare ones set me back. I spy your Labbits as well!

    Kid Robot is the truth. For serious.

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