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Once upon a time…. 
I fell in love with this butterfly fabric

Usually I go with graphics and solids…
but this fabric was so unique…so rich looking…
….The texture is so delicious…
it is a heavy woven linen and it has
 ALL of my colors!!! 
and even at U Fab,
….my discount fabric place, it was pricey…
Sometimes, when you see something you JUST LOVE
you need to get it and trust that you will know what to do…

ORIGINALLY I was thinking of doing some more of 
for the dining room…
But then I saw these:
Jane Coslick
Great Minds think alike!
enter: PILLOWS!!!
I decided to put the aqua velvet I have been hoarding
on the back.

More recently I spided this Pink Velvet Giraffe fabric
and just had to have it!!!
Take it from me…lover of pink, 
good pink velvets are not easy to find!!!

hmmmm….Now I am thinking that I need to go back and get some more Pink giraffe to do some pillows for the
French Chairs…..
…it never ends does it…the possibilities are endless!!!

What have you made lately???


  1. I have fabric we bought months ago to make pillows. I just need to get off my lazy butt and create! Thanks for the inspiration! Great pillows!
    dee dee

  2. Is that little hummingbird painting one of yours? So pretty! Also noticed a wonderful sheep picture further down the page. Are you the artist? I think my nesting instinct is kicking in looking at your blog!

    1. Thank you Lesli! I am mentally decorating my imaginary house and using you as inspiration. Quite different from my day to day!!

  3. I love how your pillows turned out! What a fun fabric. I love UFab too! I also shop at Fabrics Unlimited…alot. I’m such a fabric geek – but I’d better get stitching because my to-do list is waaaay longer than my to-done list!

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