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BYE BYE BEACH – Hello Life

Phoebe and Cooper,
Tate was not wanting his photo taken much this trip…
but I did manage to sneak in a few
Monday Monday
Spring Break is OVER.
The Sprint to the finish line has begun …
 I have a million things lined up…to do…
Two kids graduating…One from Fifth Grade one from Eighth…
I will have no more Elementary School Children…
and worse- TWO High School Kids 
There is the dinner-dance
and I have projects lined up for the house…
painting the dining room and the front porch, 
a new ceiling upstairs where it fell in a few weeks ago, 
(they replaced the roof when we were at the beach…
new bathrooms etc etc 
and there is my ART show and the Opening party next week.
Plenty to talk about and show you the progress of…

But right now I don’t to talk about it.
I just want to close my eyes and be back at the beach.
We were a family there, the 5 of us, not 5 ships passing in the night, 
or in my case, in the minivan.
We ate every meal together…
It was sheer bliss, I read 4 books and took naps and bike rides and long walks and had long talks and cuddled with my dog. 
One more day. 
Just give me one more day.
my boy

Just one more day….