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BYE BYE BUNNY – The Runaway Bunny and We say Goodbye to Peaches The Second

What can be said, about the most neglected member of our family.
Phoebe’s Bunny.
he replaced his brother, and lived with us for 5 years.
Pretty long run.
I took care of him the most.
Big Mystery,
Mom usually does.
But he never complained.

He was a Good BUNNY
…as Good as Bunny’s Get
He Loved Carrots
and he was

last week Peaches II got out of his hutch and went on an adventure…
The Runaway Bunny…

I like to tell myself that the last 5 days of his life, when he went missing and was on the lam, eating fresh grass and popping his head up periodically in the tall grass…That those were the best days of his life. His bender. His last Hurrah.

and today I found him…

He is in a Better Place.
I miss him WAY MORE than I thought I would. 
I have to remind myself that he is not in his hutch 
or under the shelf where he used to hide 
when he was ready for me to put him back in his hutch. 

Bye Bye Peaches the Second…
We Miss You.
We Loved You.