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Rainy Days ON Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays….

     This photo was taken in Nov 2005, while our roof was getting painted. See how pretty the top looks compared to the bottom? Sorry to report now they both look like the bottom. We need a new roof. (see here) And the railing on the porch is coming off, so I guess, we need a new porch. It has been raining for days and days straight and so, in my Old Country house, that means that the overwhelming humidity brings out nose every meal cooked in this house, every cigarette smoked and every wet dog that walked the halls. Paper put into the printer just flops over with moisture and …well,we need some sunshine. I need some sunshine.

    Living in an Old House, City or Country, is not for the weak and not for the wimpy, and definitely NOT for the budget. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE My Old House. I do. She comes rich with History and perspective and things that don’t exist anymore like 8 foot pocket doors and 10 ft ceiling and a bowling alley for an entryway. Space. The rooms are all huge and the view is to die for and I treasure our privacy. And on Good Days she supplies me with a steady stream of things to do, a template upon which I put my artistic touch..and on bad days, rainy days…she supplies me with steady barrage of things that need to get done, that will never GET done… that leave me frustrated and wanting to run. 

     I am grateful. I AM grateful. Everyday I am grateful that we have what we have. Everyday I am aware of the fact that what are problems to me… might be another’s greatest joy…a roof over my head that leaks is still a roof over my head. and I often feel guilty for ever being unhappy with this house…as owning it is such a honor…in the big picture. We are only the second family ever to have lived here! I do try to find joy in what is good and decorate the Hell out of the rest.

   My theory is this, if it looks pretty, then the other stuff is just more tolerable. Right? Sort of like when you feel crappy and go get a fantastic haircut and color and you just feel better. A fresh coat of paint can cure a world of ills. 

   But… while I have decorated all my life, (and this is where the rainy days and the brooding comes in) as far back as I can remember, I often wonder if I did not live in this house, would I have SUCH a passion for it…all the decorating…or would I maybe be able to take the energy I put into the house and say…put it into a career? a business. A decorating business? maybe?or can I just do them both simultaneously?

Which brings me to my next and most important point which I truly do need YOUR perspective on.
Should we sell this house? Should we start fresh in a nice new , albeit much much smaller home, where we can JUST live, and get on with our lives, or should we stay here and suck it up and just live with holes in the ceiling and a falling down porch and the good view? I need to know what you think. Especially those of you who live or have lived in old houses. 

What would you do? In the big picture what matters most?

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days ON Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays….

  1. I personally, have only ever lived in old houses and can’t imagine living in anything but. Even when they smell because it’s been raining for weeks on end….

  2. I think as long as you can handle the costs associated with the upkeep(as well as the time it takes for doing them or hiring them out)& it fits with your family, then stay. It sounds like there are so many reasons to love the home you are in. Contentment is a hard thing. There will always be something better if you’re looking around. But if you’re truly at peace with the home now, I would say STAY:) (Its beautiful!)

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