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I HAVE FALLEN SO BEHIND WITH BLOGGING…that I have no idea where to begin …and it in some ways reminds me of when you forget to send a Thank-You note and the longer you wait the harder it gets to know what to say.

Since I live my life by lists these days I will use that format.

1. Our house is still on the Market. This process went from all-consuming and physically exhausting to baseline. The house is cleaner and more intact than it has ever been. I love living here…and after all the purging and de-cluttering – I love it even more. We get 24 hours notice for showings and when the call comes in…I become a whirling dervish of tidiness – I make all the beds, lay fresh towels (which I keep aside and put back after each showing , I Vacumn, dust if need be and the last thing I do is throw all laundry in the car followed by the dogs – Charlie and Bean! Muffin, our Wheaten Terrier just chills in her crate but Bean and Charlie bark too much for attention. I take those boys for a stroll or to the dog park and head back to a spotless house an hour later! The good news is that 90% of the showings take place while the kids are in school. But with summer coming that will change .


2. Phoebe’s last day of High School is today and she graduates June 3rd!!! Sigh. BIG SIGH.

first and last days
Phoebe’s first day 2004 Phoebe’s last day – with little brother Cooper who is not so little anymore!

3. Tate finished his first year of college.I moved him out last Friday and in a blur…he was home for less than 24 hours and before he departed for his summer semester abroad in Costa Rica where he will be doing a Spanish Immersion class for 6 (now 5) weeks.

4. I have fallen in love – or at least “LIKE” with a house that I think would be perfect for the next 3 years and perhaps beyond. I am a tad superstitious, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I can tell you that there are MANY MAKEOVERS to do and it fills me with excitement thinking of making it our home. But first, we need to sell our home.


5. I was in a local magazine! Pretty fun…and our home, my swan song – will be featured on a prominent website TBA.

Photo by Amy Jackson - CVille Weekly
Photo by Amy Jackson – CVille Weekly

I have missed blogging but sit down to write …and I feel overwhelmed with the BIG LIFE moments that have surpassed the HOME concerns and I hesitate boring you with the little and BIG details of my life. I promise that I have no plans to stop blogging…HECK NO…but right now things are just so RIGHT NOW. I do have a few projects underway…or recently completed that I hope to share next week.

In the meantime – Thank you for hanging in with me. Hanging OUT with me. And for sharing this passage with me. Your support means more than I could ever put into words.


9 thoughts on “CATCHING UP

  1. Yeah you’re back!! Glad all is well. You can not miss life’s special moments they are a one and only!! Thank you for checking in. Don’t worry about your blog…We’ll still be here 🙂

  2. It’s always good to hear from you, regardless the interval! Enjoy the moments you cannot recapture, the rest will take care of itself.

  3. So odd how something crosses your mind like “I wonder why she doesnt blog anymore?” and then there you are! So excited for your kids success and I promise you will live through the process. My only child (daughter) got married two weeks ago and I cried for a solid month beforehand…mostly from exhaustion from planning a wedding for the past 13 months and also knowing she would not be Jenna H anymore. These passages are hard but I find strength knowing others before me survived! Enjoy the summer and I hope your home sells quickly…that will relieve a bunch of stress. And glad you are back and looking forward to more news and paintings.

  4. More wonderful things to come–hang in there. Congratulations on #5. By the way, is the little dresser behind you in the last photo a different color or is it the lighting. If you painted it, can you share the color?

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