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I spend most of my time on this blog talking about color, Art and Decorating. I don’t report on the family much, teens are private and I guess I kind of am too…as strange as that might sound coming from a blogger. but today…the wall is coming down!

My firstborn son got into the college of his choice!


We have been on pins and needles since Tate was “deferred” in January…and yesterday we got the BIG NEWS! His happiness is my reward. He has wanted to go to this school since he was in the First Grade. His father went to graduate school there and I taught Nursing there a few years ago…There was one year where he wore a UVA T-shirt to school almost every day.

The excitement is a welcome distraction from the apprehension…the overwhelming uneasiness I sometimes feel that this moment has gotten here much too fast. When he was a baby, I used to stare at him sleeping and wonder “How in the world do people let their children go away?”. But he is ready now. Ready and with a place to go!

The last 12 years of school feel like a blur. I was THERE for God’s sake! Living in the moment..being the class teacher every single year for one of the three of my kids…going on field trips…I was there…so why does it feel so foggy?…like a life lived by someone else…I look at my little bitty kids in photos and want to jump in the photos and snuggle them again and never stop.

Scan 106 - Version 2

Congratulations Tate. All of your hard work and the late nights of homework and persistence and patience and the playing the game paid off…but more than anything….

YOU did this…

YOU made your dream a reality…one of many and one I am so honored to have been along for the ride.


14 thoughts on “CAVALIER PRIDE

  1. How totally wonderful! Not the years going by so fast though :(. Congrats to Tate!!!! My great nephew just graduated from there and loved every minute of it.

  2. I am a couple short years behind you – congrats to your boy and to YOU who nurtured him to accomplish his goals!

  3. Yay!!! My sister got her undergrad and doctorate at UVA!! It does take hard work to get in to a school like that!! Way to go!!
    And my daughter is about to graduate from college and the where did it go? where will she be in a year questions are tough on moms!!
    She was only an hour and a half away ( in ATL traffic!) so that was nice. Glad he will be close enough, too.
    That makes it nice when they can come home more than once a semester!
    Yay Tate and UVA!!

  4. Congratulations to Tate! Growing up in Cville, you would have thought I would go to UVa, but at that time I wanted a little space from the family so I ended up at W & M. Which I loved, but I have always loved the UVa campus and it has such a great reputation. I am a life-long UVa basketball fan, so I hope Tate will be watching and cheering the Hoos on today!
    And I couldn’t agree more about the childhood years seeming fuzzy sometimes – and other times it seems like it was just yesterday that my kids were having Easter egg hunts and field trips 🙂

    1. Thank you Lori. I think my daughter is more like you…wants some space….but I would love to keep them all close! xoWe are huge HOOS B’ball fans and will be cheering them on!

  5. congrats on a job well done, both you and tate
    and best of luck to him at school and you on your future endeavors!

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