my old country house


No,  you are not seeing things.

This is what you might call a “Give a Mouse a cookie situation.”

See,this is what happened –  for some time now I have pondered the purpose of this blog…whether or not, we sell “My Old Country House” – I have contemplated merging my ART website – with this site, and making the Home related posts ONE aspect of a site which is also dedicated to my ART. and re-naming the entire thing

“lesli devito”

“my old country house” would then be ONE of the items in the menu… which would also include “COLOR”, “ART” “ME” and maybe a DIY archive or something….


Yesterday I came down to pick up my daughter from College (YAY) and found myself with most of an entire day free while she studied for finals…and 7 hours later I had made a significant dent in making some changes to this blog.

Here are my GOALS:

  1. Have an organized “ARCHIVE” so readers can easily find the most read and applicable DIY posts.
  2. Reduce the number of extraneous items in my sidebar.
  3. Improve the size of the photos
  4. Improve the navigation capacity

I like this template – but the top header is too big – changing this requires some coding work that I CAN figure out and will!!!!!

For all I know most of you already stopped reading  – but no matter, I am slowly but surely updating this site and the results I hope will make this an enjoyable blog to visit!!!

Please if you have any feedback or things you would like to see..leave a comment and let me know!!! I am open to suggestions. The only thing I can promise you…well TWO things I can promise you – I am here to stay and things are going to change!!!!!

Thank you for your patience!!!!



2 thoughts on “CH – CH – CH – CHANGES

  1. Hey Lesli. My personal preference when scrolling through a blog is to be able to see the ENTIRE blog post WITHOUT having to click to “read more.” Every blog that I read that has changed from being able to see all the pics and text by just scrolling down to one that I have to “click to read + see,” my readership has drastically plummeted. Now, I’m sure there is *some reason* many, many blogs are going to this click to read more style, but I for one am not a fan. Often times, it’s the quick scrolling down where a pic catches my eye or something in the text pops out at me, and then I actually read the whole post. That’s just my two cents. Hope the transition to the new look goes smoothly. ~ Jane

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