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…Inspiration Photo:

Charlie on the Beach
Charlie on the Beach at Sunset…I could decorate an entire home base on the colors in this photo. nature is amazing because It shows us the colors that GO with each other…always look to nature…

Choosing wall colors, when you have poured your heart and soul and sweat and money into making over a room, can often times feel overwhelming. There are just too many choices. But truth be told, when you eliminate all the clutter (mind clutter) and just break it down, a picture begins to form…. like the 1000 piece puzzle we have been working on all week, and soon, it starts to take shape. I always start with what I KNOW. 

Here are a few things I know, going into and influencing the  choosing the of the Bathroom color:

My adjoining Master Bedroom is painted  “Bergman Gray” (the color I made up, formula avail when you click the link)

Bathroom ingredients: 

Furniture: Dresser/Vanity painted “Coventry Gray” with “Coral gables” interior and White Medicine Chest

Fixtures: Polished Chrome Faucets and Brass hardware on Dresser/Vanity

Floor:    Antiqued Black and White Hexagon Tile

Shower: Neo Angle VIGO shower with White Subway tile walls and white floor

Lighting: Antique Brass and Porcelain Chande(lita) this is what I call a small chandelier

Mirrors: Antique Frame Mirror &  High Gloss black painted mirror

Linens: I have white “Cableknit” towels from Target “Threshold” line I got on sale and have been saving. I also got a matching soap dish and cup. 


I have taken all of the knowns and pondered the world of possibilities….

I had explored the idea of a pale pink…

I cannot find the original source for this photo…which makes me sad, because it is such an amazing photo…and I like to give credit where credit is due…I am almost thinking it is from House Beautiful?

I know it would be beautiful… but what is causing me to hesitate is fact that I would like to add some ART and/or a wall of wallpaper in the future and I do not want to limit my choices nor make the room too busy.

I could go SUPER pale pink….

"House Beautiful"
This soft pal pale pink bathroom is from “House Beautiful”

or this beautiful pale blue from Newell Turner’s Country home….

Editor in Cheif-Newell Turner's Country bathroom
Editor in Cheif-Newell Turner’s Country bathroom

…or I could go in the direction of the pale neutrals, inspired by the soft white sand…in my inspiration photo…

I like how in this bathroom by Melody Duron, the ART is what adds the “pop of color”…and I also like that while this room was done in 2008, it is timeless, and not dated.

Melody Heron Interiors with John Derian ART
Melody Duron Interiors with John Derian ART
pale Gray from Decor Pad

Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” is high on the list, every time I have used this color is works so beautifully and complements all the natural elements so effortlessly. The flow would be very easy between the bedroom and bathroom.

Palo  Alto Cottage Bathroom by Schiavullo Design Revere Pewter
Palo Alto Cottage Bathroom by Schiavullo Design
Revere Pewter

I absolutely LOVE the simplicity and grace of this room..

Then…I look at this bathroom and I think…”What am I so afraid of? Go for it! Paint the ceiling high gloss something!!!” . Wallpaper makes such a bold statement, especially some of the ones I have fallen in love with of late…but would it be too limiting? and then…limiting of what? Outfits I can wear???

Jenn Feldman Designs

tpholder powder3the Powder room under the stairs with Flat Vernacular Wallpaper

With all of this extra Spring Break at the Beach…too cold to go to the beach…TIME, I have found some great sites…One is called Hygge &West...(pronounced HOO-GA and means “cozy”)I do best with limited choices when it comes to wallpaper…too many choices..I choose nothing…but this site carries a few designers, just enough to wet my whistle…and get me in trouble!!!

Emily Isabella OTOMI – I LOVE this for a small wall in my bathroom!!!!


Seahorse…for the kids bathroom??????YUP just ordered some!!!!

Well, there are so many choices and these are fun choices to have. I will wait and surprise you with what I decided…when I do the full reveal….

This has been a nice week, away from the house, at the beach with the family. I have not taken many photos, but the kids sure have on their phones..esp the girls (Phoebe brought a buddy) so I will share more of that later. I return home tomorrow to begin the home stretch…                                                                     Have a Great Weekend…Spring is here, whether it feels like it or not…I hope to go home to blossoms and daffodils…

and lastly, when I poppped over to House Beautiful to see if I could find the source for the pink bathroom, I saw this…

hbu_460x205_save80_toiletote_08and I have to say….never get tired of seeing this!



  1. The pink bathroom with the gorgeous mirror is from an issue of Domino 🙂 Your blog is lovely, by the way!

  2. I found an accent wall paper you might like. Ellie Cashman she has Gorgous wallpaper to chose from. The black floral is dramatic, along with others that are lighter but equally stunning. They have a depth, that feels as if they are three dimensional. Breath taking!!!! Found her paper on Amber Interior Design. : )

  3. Hi Lesli,
    You inspire me! I love your color choices, and what led you to them. I, too, have photos that inspire, but need your help.

    If I send you the pics, can you help with a color??? (Just one, for a steep stairway that leads to a long, narrow hallway)

  4. Beautiful House and blog. =)

    Hmmm Niiice Gray! “My adjoining Master Bedroom is painted “Bergman Gray” (the color I made up, formula avail when you click the link)”

    Link not found. =( Oops! I love the color. Can you post the formula? Thank you!!

    1. You need to use this “eggshell” pastel Benjmain Moore Regal paint to get the exact match.
      Benjamin Moore figured it out –
      Oy 0x 12.5000
      BK 0x 18.000
      MA 0x 1.000

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