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Country or NO COUNTRY

   Lets just get his straight.
 I am NOT a country girl. 

I am a city girl, living in the country!

I was interviewed yesterday by 
Washington Post Express
as an “expert” on Country decor. 

The only thing that is Country about ME is my address! 
HOWEVER, the more I talked, the more
I realized that much of my CORE style is based,
 not so much in Country decor,
but decor which takes place in the country
and is therefore
Country inspired.

open airy with linen, wood, and a modern twist -love this

The interviewer was noting how 
Country decor 
seems to be staging a comeback.
 I think the word might be Rebirth.
or maybe reconstructed.

I think that country decor can walk a fine line between
fresh and a clean and 
well just plain tacky.
Modern Country is NOT tacky.
It is fresh and personal and comfy cozy.

Country Living – I LOVE the pink!

Right now it is fresh and clean.
 It is white walls and recycled
artifacts, old doors and big funky useful things, things re purposed
and old things replicated in new packages, 
taken from country settings used in a new and exciting way.

Country Living
It is whimsical but at the same time, honest and real.

This raw wood table, white walls,
the cowhide chair
the old Art
and even the Lab puppy
 are all quintessential components of Modern country.

FABRICS: It is not calico and gingham but Belgian Linen and cozy velvets.
Even zebra velvet and hip zig zag prints can accent a country room.
Plaid, done right and done minimally can work. 

Country as an idea, a way of life, an attitude and a commitment to the 
where things come from, is refreshing and even sexy. 

You know what it is?
Country decor NOW is really a decorating metaphor for Country Living.

Galvanized metal chairs, Industrial Chic and Country are first cousins.
Country living is simple, and friendly and perhaps on some days 
boring but only if you look at the surface. 

 These large scale Italian and French country inspired 
Chandeliers are HOT HOT HOT!!!
and so gorgeous!

And touches of it work with any decor choice and are showing up everywhere!

and finally…

Country Living Magazine
This room has ALL of the key ingredients to
MODERN Country decor:
1.Belgian Linen
2. an incredible Hip chandelier
3.Rustic iron  fixtures and forged tables
4.greenery and fresh flowers
5. velvet
6. antiques
7. funky mirror
8. ART – cool landscape painting
9. modern texture rug
10. Cool hip coffee table books and

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