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the Yardsale coffee table – makeover…MAKEOVER!!!

    a few months ago, I showed you a table that I got a yard sale down the street for $10.

 I scored HUGE that day, also getting a beat up sofa for $15. I had been looking for months for a beat up sofa, not disgusting,  but worn and perfect for the doggies on the back porch. Found it!

    Back to the table – When I looked on the underside of the table it said “Bombay Design”. I looked it up online I found it for $499! Score yes!  I came home with my $10 table and my $15 sofa and before I even brought anything into the house, I dipped into my paint stash and spray painted the table a Color called “Winter Gray”. Easy as Pie!

I am going to take a quick left turn here and tell you about another piece I Made over…don’t worry we will get back to the table…

Fast forward a year to this summer. While visiting my in-laws, I helped my Mother in Law, Patti, furnish, decorate and style a new bedroom addition in their home. The room was built last winter with the intention of my husbands Grandmother, “Gram” moving in, but sadly, Gram passed away in January and the room sat, a bit lonely and empty for 6 months. My job was to make it a happy room.

We went to Grams old house to get furniture (this was the house that she lived in for 50+ years and tended to until the day she died at age 96!) To say that she had a House FULL of furniture is an understatement.
My daughter asked me, “was Gram a hoarder” .
I said “No, honey, if you live to be 96, you accumulate a LOT of things that have meaning to you. Your childrens’ things and your grand children’s things and in our case, your Great Grand children’s things !”

So we pulled a few pieces; a dresser with a mirror and a bedside table. 
Both pieces were is shiny mahogany, too dark and too formal for the new room. The walls of the new room are a blue gray and I was going for an airy coastal vibe. Time to paint!!! Time for Inspiration.

This was my “inspiration” piece. 
This dresser is by Chelsea textiles and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
this dresser retails for $3080.

I do not have BEFORE photos but this is the gist of it…

The dresser came with the most unusual and funky shield mirror…

I LOVE this mirror! so unique.

I painted the dresser “Driftwood” by Martha Stewart… in satin finish.
 Patti could not believe how fast I worked.
 My  steps:
1. I wiped down the entire piece with a soapy sponge.
2. I sanded the whole thing with a medium to fine sanding sponge.
3. I primed the dresser, using a sponge roller which is ALL I ever use now when I paint furniture.The finish is fantastic, no drips and smooth and a baby’s bottom!
4.I then painted the dresser (using the sponge roller again) with 3 lightly rolled on coats. I was painting outside in the driveway, in the heat, so each layer dried SUPER fast. In between coats, I sanded lightly with an extra fine sanding sponge.
…when everything was all done and dry, I sanded the edges lightly to shabby it up a bit. 
Patti and Phoebe wanted to help so I had them wipe down the brass hardware. I was prepared to spray them bronze, but they looked so perfect cleaned up, I left well enough alone. 
….total work time 2 hours

cost of refinishing – $28.00

BACK to the yard sale table…did you forget where we started? I almost did…

anyway, while doing the dresser, makeover I purchased a can of the most wonderful color of spray paint, in my FAVORITE brand. “Ultra Color 2X” 
There is no comparison for how good this spray paint goes on. 
But it did match anything at Patti’s so I brought it home 
and voila!
the coffee table got it’s second

This color, Lagoon, reminds me of the color 
I painted another dresser of mine
(see http://myoldcountryhouse.blogspot.com/2011/07/calypso-blue-dresser-makeover.html), It is  called “calypso blue” by Benjamin Moore.

 IT is my current make me weak in the knees color. 
and I am seeing it EVERYWHERE! 
which kind of makes me sad, because I 
I fear it will come and go fast, it IS quite intense, but it is like one of those colors that I have ALWAYS loved and every 10 years or so, a version of it becomes THE color. 
Now that you have seen it here, mark my words, you TOO 
will see it everywhere
It complements reds and oranges and browns and really looks smashing with nearly anything EXCEPT muted PALE earthy tones, 
then it becomes  the lady in the room who talks to loud.

But if you want to add a dash of
to your home, 
grab a can of this paint and find an accent piece and do it up!

next up….
I stumbled upon this dresser…
on an antique website ,
a bargain and 
on SALE for $13, 950.00!!!
is it made of gold???
this is the number I hope to stay under for my kitchen renovation!
BUT – I do like the LOOK and it will be my inspiration piece….

the lines are similar to another $10 yard sale purchase – this dresser below:
it was in my daughter’s room for 7 years and now she 
has outgrown the small drawers.
It would be perfect for a nursery,
Or maybe as a vanity in the bathroom???
I have had it sitting in the upstairs hall since May…
clearly I am still thinking…..

I will begin by removing the flowers, change out the hardware…
I am off…….
I can’t wait.

Inspiration is everywhere. Always be looking and it will find you!