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Cozy Holiday Decorating…

We had our annual 
Holiday Open House 
the Other day.
It is truly one of my FAVORITE days of the Holidays.
Welcoming all of our friends and neighbors into our home
sharing some Christmas Spirit. 
The kids, now bigger and more self sufficient, steal cookies and chips and 
play pick up football and soccer games and lacrosse in the yard
as we grown ups mingle and catch up on all of the days between the last time we met.
Which is often all too long ago…
and it was an opportunity to clean my house!!!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Maria Horner Pinwheel Pillows!!!

You can say that again!
Friends ARE the best presents!!!

1 thought on “Cozy Holiday Decorating…

  1. Your house was incredible……the open house was fantastic……. I think I have to say, your pink room was my favorite……the pink with the blues, that swedish clock, the art, etc, and the fabrics, i just L O V E D……..totally rocked!

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