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Pling Plong…The Piano is Gone! and How Craig’s List worked for me!

Can you believe that is 2 days before Christmas!!
We have the minute to minute countdown going here!

So, a while back
we spoke about painting the Piano.

I got all kinds of great feedback from you guys
….even my Twitter Pal
Mary McDonald gave me great advice. 
I even bought paint.
But eventually, I realized painted or not, 
that we do not play said piano
and I wanted the space back.
So I had my first Craig’s List experience.
and sold the piano!
Here are a
few things abut Craig’s list that I learned and will share with you.
1. It is EASY as pie. 
and FREE
If you can send a photo online you can do it!
 and in fact
many people list without photos,
(I would not recommend that).
2. List with the price(unless it is free)  and be clear, 
for example if you don’t want to wiggle on the price put
and I learned to put 
3. Beware of SCAMS!
There is a scam going, I have experienced it with selling my Art
and in my experience, it is rampant on Craig’s List, though they do
a good job of trying to warn people.
Here is how it works.
You get an email about your item,
often times written in broken, misspelled English
which offers…to buy your item and send money for the shipping, even a little extra
for your troubles, and the money will be sent in a cashiers check
(which will in the end be bad and you will be responsible for the money).
They say their shipper will pick up the item, and that you pay them and keep the extra for yourself.
HA! There is nothing extra from NOTHING!
After awhile, it is easy to spot these scams. 
To make it simple and avoid these.
ONLY TAKE CASH, unless you know the person well.
Every time I got one of those emails about my piano
as soon as I said 
“Cash Only” they always went away.
4. First come, first served and NO HOLDS…
I ran into a bit of 
chaos, holding the Piano for someone.
People kept wanting to come by, and I was losing potential buyers…
First come first served, you snooze you lose etc etc.
Easier for everyone and honestly sometimes the buyer needs to 
just make a decision and you letting them 
“think about it” just makes it harder for everyone.

So the Piano is gone
and NOW my Living room is all prettied up,

I moved the sideboard back from the Dining room 
and I LOVE how it looks !!! 

…a pretty ten foot tall tree 
and colorful packages does not hurt either!
 2 more days…
…getting excited. 
Tomorrow I will show you how 
I display all of the Christmas cards we get!!