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dashcollageEarly this week we realized that we had not seen or heard from our oldest dog, Dash, since Sunday. He usually spends half of his time with a neighbor down the street so we assumed, due to the thunderstorms , that he and been bunking down with her. Then as if on cue, our neighbor messaged us, wondering where Dash was? They also had not seen him since Sunday.

We have been looking for our beloved dog DASH ever since.

Then this morning, I  received word from that a neighbor saw someone pull over on our street and pick up our dog “Dash” last Sunday October 12. They neighbor nothing of it because they thought it was us picking him up.

Dash wanders, we have tried invisible fences and crates and collars but…he is a dog with an insatiable and often times frustrating to a pet owner…. need to see the world. It is probably how he came to be at the SPCA where we adopted him 10 years ago and likely how got they came up with his name..DASH…which we have never changed.

Front Porch
Dash where he usually greets us with  a smile on the Front Porch

But he is our dog. He is our children’s first dog and we love him and miss him desperately. I am hopeful that someone, an animal lover themselves, wanted to protect this sweet little guy and perhaps just don’t know he has a home…or believed him to be unwanted. But he is very much wanted by us and missed by every neighbor on our street, many of whom have a bowl and a bed for our wandering pup. Especially our neighbor with whom Dash shares breakfast every morning. 

..always nice to lounge with a friend .....
Dash and Charlie ..always nice to lounge with a friend …..

Please re-post this, please help us bring Dash home.

11 thoughts on “DASH PLEASE COME HOME

  1. Have you checked inside any old cars sitting around? This happened to our dog not too long ago. We live in the country and have an old van that we will bring to the junk yard some day. Anyway, my husband loads scrap metal in the van and the dog crawled in when he wasn’t looking. I was telling someone else about this and they told me they had the same thing happen with their dog.

    Good luck finding your Dash!

  2. Please try putting pictures and your story on Craigslist in your area under the “pets” category. I hope you find Dash!

  3. Oh I hope he comes home! We had a lab years ago with that same desire to roam. It’s pretty impossible to keep them home when they are like that. Newspapers, Craig’s List, signs, neighborhood emails, Facebook friends….something good will come of it!

  4. What a lovely dog!

    My thoughts are with you. Other writers have sent good advice on where to look/posting pictures and notes about DASH.

    I hope that there is a very happy ending to this story, and that Dash returns after
    wonderful adventures around the corner…You’ll know when you see him sleeping on the couch
    and dreaming about those adventures.

    My good wishes and prayers are with you and your family for Dash’s safe return.

  5. So sorry Dash is missing. Maybe offer a reward, that might give the person who picked him up some incentive to return him. By offering a reward, another fellow bloger was able to get their beloved pet home. Hoping for safe returns.

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