lesli devito paintings


I had to look up HAVANESE

when I painted JINGLES! and now I have painted two!!!


How to describe ZIGGY?

“His two favorite things are human food and cuddling with us.
He has a doggie sister who he adores named Roxy.
He loves being outdoors and we frequently go on hikes.
My 17 year old son Trent has been Ziggys constant companion since we adopted him. I have so
many pictures of the two of them and  they still are best friends to this day.
He is the sweetest, cuddliest doggy. I sleep with him every night and I can’t imagine not having him
next to me.”

The story of Ziggy is really touched my heart and I am honored to have painted him.

Ziggy  has cancer and every moment shared is precious.

Dogs do not live NEARLY long enough. Not even close. And sometimes I even wonder if THAT fact is yet another one of the many many lessons DOGS have to teach us. They do not waste ANY time. They have boiled their live down to JUST WHAT MATTERS –  to all the good – eating, sleeping and loving. The rest…they have no time for … but still, I wish they lived so much longer.

I hope Ziggy has all good days…xo