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Do come in…Welcome to our Old Country House…THE ENTRYWAY!

Part of the issue with featuring my
(or the reason why I never DO)
 is because it is always a BIG MESS!!!
…or rather…”Lived in”
yeah, we rock the Lived in look.
I was so embarrassed today when I returned home from the gym, 
to find that a friend had dropped off a Birthday gift for my son, 
and had seen our hall..
Post school rush…the absolute worst!
Oh well, she is a good friend. 

 here is the entryway…right after a cleaning and before the kids got home!

…this lovely piece of unfinished Walnut, bark and all,
I won on ebay for about $15 and then I varnished it and lay it upon
brackets I got at Anthropologie. It turned the space the radiator took up into a handy drop zone.
I also got the tree vase at Anthropologie for next to nothing in their clearance room…The Cow painting, the blue dish and the orange statue are all by Me.
The Stray Dog Designs Mirror I got in a Barter
exchange for Art Work!!!
That little blue votive holder I got at Target last week for $3.00.
I keep meaning to go get more!
The Gray candle stick sconce I got as a gift and look constantly for a second…
let me know if you see one!!!

 …each of these pieces of art
has sentimental meaning…

 ..the walls are currently painted Benjamin Moore “Feather Down”…but I am having a hankering for darker…wallpaper maybe? Some Giant Pink damask Print?
I just do not want to compete with the Art…and all of the color there…we shall see.

…so there you have it! Thanks for stopping by!

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