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THURSDAY QUICKIE- The Newly REupholstered CHEVRON Funky Sofa….



…we had a nice, simple inexpensive sofa 
which I got from FunkySofa.com 
in their clearance section for under $300!!! 

The upholstery was a simple chenille,
pretty comfy…
 nothing awful, just… nothing special either. 

it worked just fine…

Certainly the sofa did not rank high on the list of “must dos”… 
but then..enter the Premier Fabric “Village Blue” Zig Zag fabric 
for under $7.50 a yard on fabrics.com. 
Done deal. 

right up there next to pink, 
I have decorated with it all my life, 
in every house, or apartment or dorm room.
My upholstery guy is the very best deal on earth 
so it was just a matter of getting on his schedule, 
which is always booked months in advance.


 when I look at this picture I get so happy….I might even hear singing…

You might also like to meet, my NEW MISSONI POUF!

…it makes me so happy I can Almost drown out the 10 minutes of fart noises coming the dining room…the boys are doing their homework and serenading themselves…
 my daughter is yelling from upstairs…”STOP!!!GUYS!!!” 
like I said..Almost…

                                                    wish I could just jump into this picture!

11 thoughts on “THURSDAY QUICKIE- The Newly REupholstered CHEVRON Funky Sofa….

  1. Oh I love it when a finished project makes you ‘hear singing’ – I felt that way this weekend, too, when I finished my recycled magazine mirror frame. Have a peek if you get a chance.

    p.s. included your chevron sofa on a special Pinterest board where I collect my favorites from across the web to use for a future blog collection. lovely results with your sofa!

  2. Hopping over from House of Turquoise. Your sofa looks amazing! The photo of it sitting right in front of the fireplace looks like a shot from a magazine!

  3. Hi Lesli, Would you mind sharing who you take your furniture for upholstery. I’m looking for someone that does great work, but is not terribly expensive. Thanks, Sandy

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