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When I first saw the photo of JINGLES ,

I asked “Is this a Dog or a stuffed animal?”

He is the cutest little guy!!!!


“Jingles is my shadow. Whenever I am, he is. And when I’m not home, he is bugging the family to let him outside so he can sit and the driveway and wait for my return. Even in the rain.

By nature, the Havanese breed is very loving and Jingles enjoys the constant cuddle. He has formed eastie-Westie feet. Or as my daughter used to say when she was younger and taking ballet “Look mommy, he’s in the first position!” They are often the first thing many comment on.

He is know for sleeping in our bed (which breaks the kids hearts), smack in the middle usually leaving us with little to no space. Thank goodness he’s a small dog!

We often say he is the soul of someone in our former lives. We just haven’t figured out who!”


  1. The Havanese is a breed of dog of the Bichon type, which do not shed.
  2. hese dogs were developed from the now extinct Bichon Tenerife, which was introduced to the Canary Islands by the Spanish and later to other islands and colonies of Spain by sailors.
  3. Bred as a companion dog to the Cuban aristocracy in the 1800s, he’s earned the nickname “Velcro dog” because he sticks so closely to his owner’s side. A lot like the Vizsla!
  4. But don’t write him off as just a lapdog; the Havanese is trainable and surprisingly energetic, and has excelled in dog sports and canine careers ranging from circus performer to assisting the handicapped.
  5. They love to be on furniture, and they are smaller-sized dogs bred to be companions.


The Dog-A-Day project has been wonderful . I have loved meeting you, and your dogs. And I have loved painting each beautiful animal. Unfortunately I will not be able to continue with 100 dogs and 100 days. Someday, I hope to pick up where I left off but, in the meantime I will accept commissions of the 10″ x 10″ size painting through March 5. Visit LesliDeVito.com

I will post dogs through Tuesday and then sporadically as I finish the orders I have gotten..at a NON Dog-a-day pace. I will get back to Design posts and color posts and the business of leaving my house which I have done little of for the month.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for sharing your dogs with me.


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

REMEMBER MARCH 5 WILL BE THE DEADLINE And AFTER THAT…I will no longer be taking commissions of any size.

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