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got here fast.
got here too too fast.
I will tell you how fast it got here.
I woke up and I thought my MOm was still alive.
I had to remember that she was gone and has been for almost 5 years.
That means someone could have been born when she died and they would be a whole 5 years old.
so…this face brought me right back around to NOW

This is Charlie. He is on most days….my best friend. 
Wherever I am…he is at my feet.
 OR ever since he saved my life
read HERE
 next to me on the sofa..

while I was away at the HAVEN Conference, 
my husband texted me and said that both, 
well two of our 3 dogs…
 had itched them selves so bad they had raw spots. 
Gross? yes!
….and I am sure, quite painful.
We treat them for fleas and ticks and ticks and fleas 
with this and that
but it had been brutally hot while I was away and I think 
the combination of the heat
and being outside more while hubby was at work
their back sides were on fire!!
Hence….the collars…

The Vet recommended the collars and letting everything dry out – 
no cream or medicine…just let it be.
They have helped immensely, their backsides are healing…
 and on top of everything else…
they never cease to make me smile!!!


Sorry to be so short and sweet but…
You know how when your house is a 
mess and finally you get so frustrated with the house and yourself…for caring so much and driving everyone crazy trying to keep it clean that you throw up your hands and say
“I give up! Its not like my house is 
being photographed for a magazine or anything!”
well, this afternoon, my house IS being photographed for a magazine
…..just a local thing…but I have to go clean!

Oh my.
I was just typing and thought I had an ant on my arm….
I made a new friend!

Happy Monday!

7 thoughts on “DOG CONEs TO THE RESCUE!

  1. Okay, seriously your dogs look hilarious!! My dogs have itched to death this year too. I think that fleas and ticks (we have found around 25) are bad this year because of the mild winter. My dogs take very strong flea meds but we have still seen them. Ugh!! Happy cleaning. What great motivation!! 😉

  2. oh those dear dogs!!! so sad and itchy!! Lesli, you were a total dear to meet ant haven and I have no idea what you were talking about in the post from a few days ago when you mentioned social awkwardness! you were just lovely!! I posted a picture today at the top of my blog post that features your legs and my legs while we quite enjoyed watching Kevin and Layla! Come see! http://angieinthethickofit.com/2012/06/3-things-to-try-at-a-blog-conference-ie-i-think-i-cropped-my-pants.html

    -angie in the thick of it

    p.s. You GOTTA allow “name/url comments on your blog! that way people like ME can comment as BLOGGERS without actually being signed into the right google account. tiny bit of advice that you didn’t pay for!

  3. Oh my goodness! Lesli, do you see how much Charlie loves you? Look at those eyes. Lucky you- not only does he adore you, but that collar is too much fun! I’d have permagrin if I were around him like that!

  4. […]  Holly left and then we talked and talked …about my life… the kids, I told him how Tate is now the Soccer team Captain and he told me about his 2 brothers, and how his Mom could not seem feed them enough…and we laughed about a certain someone in my house getting caught eating Jello with his hands, while standing IN the refrigerator…and we of course talked about our Dogs and I showed him pictures of my sweet Charlie and told the story of how he saved my life  and how last summer he had to wear a funny collar… […]

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