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I woke up today…a bit confused
Is HAVEN over? 
I was just getting warmed up…
am I home?

Yes, I am home.
Yesterday, after packing it up, 
having breakfast with the cousins and 

driving the kids past the house I lived in as a teen in Atlanta…
…we hit the road!
Atlanta to Virginia…

The long 8 hour drive went into the night…
we got home at 11pm….
I had to make the kids ask me Oscar Trivia so I could stay awake.
back to my Old Country house and all of the things that make me
…well ME.

I have been processing the conference..
all the way home, all day.
So much to take in, assimilate, implement.
Things keep running through my mind, 
bits of sentences…words of advice
….Mr Goodwill Hunting
telling us 
…ideas shared, new friends made…
….laughter lightening the anxious air and 
touching stories generously shared.

I am no where near ready to give 
you a blow by blow and 
I am not even sure that will be my goal.
 however share some things I learned,
people I met…
New skills I acquired…
I have BIG plans!!!!

For now anyway…. I will share my photos…many are
  embarrassingly poor in quality
but they capture the moment.
 I am not going to put captions….
The pictures will do the talking!!!


Photographs and memories…..


10 thoughts on “HAVEN HANGOVER

  1. Wow so much fun! Definitely on my blog conference list for next year! It’s kinda fun that I can almost name everyone in your pictures! HAHA!

  2. I’ve heard so many great things about Haven! Where in Virginia are you from? I am from Lynchburg. My husband and I both went to Liberty University and now we travel the world, Army style 😉

  3. Clicked over from the Haven FB page to see a pic of me in your post! (blue shirt, white sweater, arms crossed:) Love your style of writing and loved Haven!

  4. Katelin – Thank you sooooo much for introducing yourself, you are adorable and I am now going to hop over and follow your blog. I wish there was another Haven now that I have settled down a bit and have some faces I know!!!
    Thanks for the supposrtive words!!

  5. Lesli I am so sad we didn’t have a chance to chat more. You have such amazing talent – I am so inspired! Thanks for taking your time to chat with me.

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