old country house blog


I cannot believe that I leave in two days for the
Haven Conference
in Atlanta!!!
Per usual, I am so in the weeds that I really have done little
by way of preparation except 
…think about outfits.
Every night I go to bed and say…
“Okay, before you fall asleep think through all the logistics of the trip…”
 and then 
…..birds chirping….morning comes.
I guess I will be able to do all of that logistical stuff on the drive down.
Charlie LOVES having his kids home!
In the meantime, last week, 
the first Official week of summer vacation…
was a social whirl wind…
not for me of course
but for the tween and teens…
apparently summer…really puts a damper on their social life and it is my job…
to keep them connected to all their pals…
sleepovers each night…
pool dates and lake dates and pool dates and lake dates…
relax! right?
Its all good and I LOVE LOVE LOVE
 having the kids around despite my 
ranting and
“I am not a maid!!!”-ing

With the kids home
my painting time usually does not begin 
until 8pm so I have had some late nights
I am a night person so it works for me….
I completed 6 pet portraits last week…..
here are a few that have been delivered:

Wheaten Terrier

Sam (antha)
Yellow Lab
Daisy and Nacho
two sweet labs…

Tomorrow we will talk more about Haven…
to help me get my logistics
on straight!