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EXTERIORS- My Old Country House from the Outside…IN.

My Old Country House…painted by Me.
The fantasy pink version.

I will be honest, 
the exterior of my Old Country House
…well, has issues. 
She is old, for one. 
and for two,
well, she is old. 
130 Years young.

But there are some wonderful things about her I would like to share.
We are surrounded by mature landscaping out the WAZOO!

Dozens of Boxwood Trees some over 10 feet tall!!!

We have over 30 Dogwood trees…white, pink and red…

remnants of Cooper’s old Sandbox…Tonka Trucks really do live forever!

The View from the Our Ash Lawn

I absolutely adore our many rare Ash Trees, which are seriously endangered because of emerald ash borer, an invasive threat to ash trees throughout the country.
nasty bug.

Our “Playground” and the giant holly tree.

My Little yellow shed, I painted it last year and would love to make it my studio…
in the foreground is our HUGE Rosemary bush. If you are ever in the area…help yourself!

Our Shy Neighbors…

Our Nosy Neighbors…

And as always, after a long day…a nice place to come Home to…