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IT is Friday.

I am beat. 
you cannot even believe it!
But WHAT a week it has been!!!
Like a roller coaster. Ups and downs and Highs and Lows.
Birthday ands Anniversaries and School Conferences… 
Craziness – punctuated by Insanity peppered with Joy 
and Pride
and dirt and stink bugs and
 THANK GOD a little Humor thrown in. 

No need re-living it,
 but I thought it might be fun the do a little  
of many of the dressers and some of the cabinets
 that I have done makeovers on
(all in the last year!)
….the prices do not include paint, which
in most cases was under $10!!!

The Grey-ish Era
My Oak secretary desk,
I have had this since 1980’s when my dad bought it for me for my first NYC Apartment. Good Times. 

$60 at the Greenwood Country Store.
I painted it this gray but I have my first
can of Annie Sloans Chalk paint coming in “Provence” so WATCH OUT!

Phoebe’s Secretary desk and Hutch. $125 from a friend who was moving. Painted Bunny Gray. 

The Cherry Dresser – Cost $0, I have had this dresser all my life! Love the Gray

Grams Dresser, Cost $0 LOVE this piece. I Miss Gram.

$15 total surprise piece!
Probably my favorite of the year and for sure the most used piece!
Phoebe’s Birthday Dresser $250 used..

Color Happens!!!

$125, talked him down from $175! Love Love Love the Happy Yellow!
My Husbands boyhood dresser, it is our hall, “catch all”

Cost $40 , yard sale score!

We paid $200 for this 10 years ago…

$25 dollars yard sale Score!!!

The large cabinet was $175, 8 years ago, used to be the TV cabinet now houses all of my painting and sewing supplies.
honestly., I am ready to make this one over again, needs some pizzazzz!!!!

This was one of my “pricier pieces”, I think we painted $350 for this. It was shabby Ivory until I painted it this soft blue gray.

This was part of a 3 piece bedroom set I got for $40!!

and this was also part of that 3 piece $40 set! 

Holy Cow. 
I HAVE been busy!!!
Did I have fun or what?
Most of these have Posts attached to them, so if you would like to find out more, 
and/or see the tutorials
or just find out a little more of the history of each piece…
click away.

I think it might be time for me to do this as a business? 
Or at least per piece and sell them on etsy? Thoughts?
advice? all welcome!
Thank you so much for following my blog and for all for the support and kind words
 I have 
been showered with this week.
If anything were a labor of love, this sure is,
but sometimes, like I am sure all bloggers do, I 
look at the screen and think..
“is anybody out there?”
You have reminded me that many, many of you are!
Thank you!

3 thoughts on “TGI FRIDAY Makeover Wrap Up- A DRESSER/Cabinet RETROSPECTIVE!!!!

  1. I love them all! I know the work that goes into redoing these pieces! And how you end up loving them! Like your children! You have a good eye for this!

  2. I found your blog a few days ago, and have been perusing ever since (I did take a break to sleep :))!

    I love your paintings. You have inspired me to paint again, and I don’t mean just the walls in my house 😉 Thanks you.

  3. Love all your fantastic work. Love all the animals. I am also a major animal lover. I am so glad I found your blog.

    Take care

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