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Few things…
can you say…
Did you see?
Million Dollar Decorators!!!
I am completely obsessed with this show. 
I have watched and re-watched it 4 times already!
I want to go to Nathan Turner’ store and dream:
Nathan Turner – Amanda Peet’s House
Jeffery Allan Marks – “You should always decorate a room and put one thing that is an accident.”
Kathryn Ireland – A hoot! I love her. I love her fabrics and I love her cute boys! as a mother of two boys lets just say…I can relate!
Kathryn Ireland – Is amazing!
I love her use of color and pattern in classic butnon-traditional way
Martin Lawrence Bullard is a trip! What I could do on his budget!

and Mary Mcdonald!!!

Mary McDonald

I am completely smitten with – and might even pretend I AM her in the mirror…

I can’t wait until next week….
and next on todays agenda…
I am so excited because…

I sold a painting in New York!!! 
My Sweet FIG has found her forever home!
p.s. If you bought “Fig” and you are reading this, send me a photo of Fig in her new home! 
I will put it on my blog!
The gallery has asked for another painting, 
so it’s back to work. 
I LOVE Painting!
I LOVE Decorating!