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Good Bye Oprah…

…we spent the weekend, on the soccer fields, watching our kids, play their hearts out, in the heat. 
One child’s team came in dead last, 
one in the middle and
 one team ended the weekend as “Champions”. 
We ran the gamut.
Yesterday morning, I woke up and my instinct was to jump put of bed and start the school day.
then..I remembered that there was no school !!!
So I made my coffee..
and watched the VERY last episode of Oprah.
I love Oprah.
I was an in and out observer of the show,
sometimes I could fit it in and other times I could not,
but I NEVER left an episode the same as I went in.
She inspires me every day. 
and now I will take her with me.
…I saw “Oprah behind the scenes last night, a snippet of an episode, or maybe it was a snippet of Gayle King? at any rate, she said something that has stuck with me all day, and will hopefully stay with me…forever,
she was speaking of the last episode, 
and of feeling sad, and how when you are feeling sad, 
the way out is to:
 “learn something“.
 I think perhaps that is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard. 
Bye Oprah. Gotta go learn something.
actually gotta go watch 
“Million dollar Decorators”
Mary Mc Donald, one of my faves!
we will have to discuss tomorrow!