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I am HOME!
 Did you miss me? 
Now you gotta Kiss me!    
 Life has been a wee bit on the Busy side
these last few days
so I will summarize
 the days I missed blogging:

August 7 – Drove 13 hours home from Boston, 
you would not have wanted to read what I wrote that day!

August 8 – Tate’s Birthday! Eight! Eight!
15 years ago my FIRSTBORN child arrived 

Tate Coltrane DeVito
My Curious Boy

My Boy who is taller that his Dad!

and so we spent the day
celebrating my son Tate’s 15th birthday!
…it has gone much too fast.

I wrote this Poem for Tate.

“To The First”

what took so long has gone too fast
your smile lights up the room
the job is yours to find the door
that day will come too soon

and I will be much as I was
and yet forever changed
to think of all the hours spent
just thinking up a name

and now the name means YOU to us
and we are one and not
who ever knows which words will stick
and what will be forgot

inside, outside, up and downside
i have had and now released
i wish i had a magic wand
to wave at time to freeze

loveyoumore,  MOM

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