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FINALLY – My Opening Party Is tonight!!!

Tonight is the Night!
My Show Opens and 
I am having a BIG PARTY!!!
everyone is invited!

I am so excited!
..and nervous.

Meet the paintings!
30″ x 30″

16″ x 20″

big blue
30″ x 30″

30″ x 30″

20″ x 20″

20″ x 20″

36″ x 36″

30″ x 40″ 
30″ x 30″ 

36″ x 36″
30″ x 40″

30″ x 40″

16″ x 20″

16″ x 20″ 
30″ x 30″ 

ginger pie
30″ x 40″
billy – the goat
30″ x 30″

This show is dedicated to my Dad.
If he could be…he would be…here.
He has always been the one, right there
 in the front row, cheering me on.
I Love You Dad!!! 

I hate to have to have to talk business…but my artist friends have told me I must… I am happy if you share my paintings or put them on your pinterest, or on your blog…that is ALL awesome (just link it back) , but please don’t copy it and make prints please. this is how I make my living. I try to make my work accessible and we can always work something out. I love putting my work here for all to see and I love all of your support. 
now lets party!!!
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32 thoughts on “FINALLY – My Opening Party Is tonight!!!

  1. Congratulations and enjoy your opening! You are so very talented, I just love your style and color choices! It will be a wonderful night!

  2. Well, aren’t you becoming known in the blog world?! Congrats on being featured on Emily A. Clark’s blog this morning! There are only a handful of blogs that I regularly read and House of Turquoise and Emily A. Clark happen to be 2 of the 5 so to me you’re pretty famous 🙂 (not to mention all the hits from YHL you mentioned a little while back,which I don’t read, but understand gets very heavy traffic) How exciting for you! Looking forward to tonight!

  3. congrats on your opening! hopped over from emily a clark and i am so glad i did. your work is fabulous and your home is amazing. can’t wait to start browsing through more of your blog.

  4. congrats on your opening! hopped over from emily a clark and i am so glad i did. your work is fabulous and your home is amazing. can’t wait to start browsing through more of your blog.

  5. How wonderful! Your paintings and home are just beautiful! I love your creativity and use of color. Amazing! I found your blog through Emily. So happy to be a new follower. 🙂 A big congratulations on the opening!

  6. I found your blog through Emily’s and am so glad I did! So fun to find someone from my neck of the woods (we live out at the Lake!) Love your work…congrats on the show!

  7. Lesli! I just found you through Emily Clark and am so happy I did. I am from No. VA and am in C’ville to visit the UVA Medical Ctr twice monthly and am so in love with that area – its just divine. And my favorite store of life happens to be there (and George!). I am just loving your home. From the Stray Dog pink lamp to those fabulous alpaca (right animal?) pics in your living room. It’s divine. So nice to meet you.


  8. oh i love your work! i just found you through emily clark as well…i am so happy i clicked on the link! my in-laws live in c-ville!! we are outside of dc….and i try to visit as often as i can. i am going to forward this to my MIL…i think she would love to see your work! i am putting you on my favorites now:) good luck tonight!! jodie

  9. I am visiting from Emily’s blog and have spent a couple of hours perusing through your blog today. 🙂 Love your paintings and especially your farmhouse!! Hope your show goes well. 🙂 I love the C’ville area and just so happens our daughter was married at Veritas last summer. I am guessing that is close to you. It is sooooo beautiful there! 🙂

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