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Have you ever had one of those nights or days 
or parties where you keep thinking…
don’t let this go too fast!!!
Last night was amazing…and you know what…
I have not one single picture!!
(all of these are from when I installed the show) 
not a one.
rhymes with “Busband”,
was in charge of the camera and so
….no pictures. oh well.
He helped in tons of other ways. 
I have always said,
if I had not taken all the photos of the kids, 
we would have none… and I think this kind of confirms it.
oh well.
it’s ALL GOOD! 
Photos would almost have not have done it justice.
Let me describe it….
The room was full, of happy people, chatting laughing.
I went with the “Crose” (pink) wine which is the local rose’ , 
Perrier and pink lemonade.
My friend Audi, did ALL the food. 
I told her
“Just do whatever makes you happy” I gave her complete cart Blanche
she loves to do this and she is good at it.
And the food was to die for. 
Little nibbles of flavor and sweetness
I was blown away. I am not a chef.
and even the thought of pulling together 
what she did so effortlessly
gives me palpitations…
the way painting all those paintings does her…
….different gifts. 
I did not eat until I got home, couldn’t….too excited..plus, the spanx.
The adrenaline was pumping too fast, 
but I made up for lost time, on my sofa in my 
jammies last night as we recounted the evening.

It could not have been a prettier night-weather wise.
The perfect Spring night. A gorgeous sunset. Green in all directions.

this is the view out the window of the Gallery

“Gregory”…in the center.  sold!

 the crazy white chicken
went home
with my sweet friends from Richmond
who found me last year at the Mudhouse,
 tracked me down and
 who bought “Helen” a few months ago.
They have a VERY cute little baby and they got a sitter and drove down/up
(never sure which one it is?)
and had a night out!!!!
This whole wall is empty!!! All of these paintings went home with
my dear friends!!!
I got an email this morning and this painting and the other BIG BLUE barn sold to another wonderful repeat customer…

I cannot put into words how wonderful it felt to celebrate with my friends. 
And my brother and sister in laws sent me champagne to celebrate which was just so sweet and thoughtful…and delish!
I met new friends too, lovely lovely people who have been “Blogger” Buddies like adorable Kim who drove all the way over from Staunton! and Debra,  my old cross the street neighbor from Tampa,
 who now lives down the street (CRAZY!)
and the woman whose name I can’t remember (I am so bad with names) who is bringing her teenage daughter back this weekend, and and Linda and Jane and Beth and Mandy and Maddy and Katherine and Lisa and Michelle and Terri, and Danica and 
 ALL my WONDERFUL Mommy buddies, my day to day,  support system and some husbands and some sisters and girlfriends and MRs Mahanes the Art teacher and kids playing lacrosse outside on the lawn.
How do people at the Oscars thank everyone!!!!
It was heavenly! 
I never wanted it to end,
except I would have starved to death and been suffocated by my spanx.
I am so happy I had the Party and
 I decided that I will do ONE such event a year, 
like this
for my friends and followers!!!

I will write another post later today to catch you up on some more things but I am going to run into town now and go get some FABRIC at 
u Fab!!!

see you later.

6 thoughts on “OH What WONDERFUL NIGHT!

  1. It was a wonderful show – exactly as you described- and it was great to meet you and your gorgeous artwork in person! Congratulations on all your sales! Speaking of UFab -I only discovered that store a couple months ago and I’ve spent every Thursday evening (during gymnastics) there since. In fact I’m thankful for your show as it kept me from UFab last night 🙂 I’ve spent way too much $ (could’ve bought one of your pieces for what I’ve spent) and now have way too many projects awaiting me – 3 sofas, 2 wing backs, 1 chair, an ottoman, and pillows galore – makes me tired just writing it! Have fun!

  2. Wow my bloggy and talented friend! Your show looks fantastic even with out the photos! I’ll just close my eyes and imagine the people, the food, the artwork the spanks (ok maybe not!) So proud of you!
    dee dee

  3. Hi! Was your event at King Family Vineyards!? We were there 2 years ago for a college friends wedding & the site was stunning! Love your work & your beautiful home!

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