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Okay, Breathe Lesli …..Breathe..
I have some seriously exciting NEWS.
(no, I am not pregnant , lets just get that out of the way)

So, about 3 months ago I got an email from a guy named 
Max at 
House Beautiful magazine.
THE House Beautiful Magazine 
Apparently they had liked a photo, this one,
I had posted on facebook, 
in response for a request for photos of
Big impact easy makeovers.
I had to sign a release form and send more photos.
Max told me that I might be in the JUNE 2012 issue.
I sent him all of the required documentation…
and then I waited….
March. April. May.

I did not tell many people because
I did not want to jinx it…
… I think I wanted it too bad and I was worried about putting it out there and then nothing happening.
feeling dumb.
so I went about my life and tried to forget about it.
But as June drew near, and I knew the issue was coming soon
I began to get excited and scared at the same time.
and I waited…and waited and waited.
beginning on about the 15th when my subscriptions usually begin to trickle in…
I checked my mailbox every day…
…and even went to the grocery store daily 
to see if maybe they had gotten their new issues before me.
Can you say “obsessed”!

Finally today, after I had already checked the mail…nothing…
and Barnes and Noble (Nada again) during Cooper’s soccer practice
 I had resolved that today would not be the day…
 I stopped on the way home and 
ran into the market to grab some things for dinner.
  and on my way to the cheese section
I glanced over and 
THERE is was!!!
…the NEW issue.

…The JUNE 2012 issue.
The issue my buddy Max said I “Might” be in.

…so, of course, I bought it…
…and brought it home.
I was afraid to open it…
I made myself get dinner all ready…
and take my son for his hair cut…
…before I would sit down and look at it.
I was procrastinating…
I was slowly becoming certain I was NOT in it.
FINALLY I opened the issue.
….when I got to this page…I almost pulled it out because 
I thought it was a Advertisement..
But I paused when I spied with my little eye…
something pink…
 something familiar …
peeking through the heart on the left…
…see it?
 I opened the page…and there, 
Number 3
Its my living room!!!!

 My collection of House Beautiful Magazine
 ironically is kept in the pink cabinet!
and now I will add one more!!!

oh, there is more to say…
so much more “I CAN’T BELIEVE it!” to do, 
I am still so high on cloud nine..
.but I must go to sleep…the weekend of tag team parenting begins,
 I am going to Maryland with My daughter for a tournament 
while my husband goes to Richmond for Cooper’s. 
It is supposed to be brutally hot.
But I know what I will fan myself with…
Have a Wonderful, Beautiful and Safe Memorial day Weekend.
Summer is right around the corner!!!

33 thoughts on “My Old Country House is IN HOUSE BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE!

  1. Lesli, that’s SO FAB!!! Being “in the biz” myself, I can only imagine how tickled the editors were to find your gorgeous shots filled with your signature creative flair–just what they needed for their special spread. The fun irony? I’m sure Valspar was specifically sold this cute cute placement (love the cut outs!), and there you are giving a shout out to…Benjamin Moore! Just goes to show that ad/edit separation of church and state still lives on at House Beautiful…and THAT is beautiful, too. Congrats!!!!!

    1. my 2.5 minutes!!! way fun !I am just amazed at how fast things have moved, though the journey here was a snails pace trip…once I finally started doing the thing that to me is not nor ever will be “work” but brings me complete joy…it seems that everything else has simply fallen into place, everything!

  2. So exciting! I love House Beautiful too! How fun to now forever be a part of it!! 🙂 I’m getting ready to paint a china cabinet of mine and want to paint the interior pink also. Hopefully it will turn out half as lovely as yours!!! Congratulations again!!

  3. Hi, Lesli~ It’s Tuesday morning and I came on here to tell you I saw your pic in HB, only to find that you wrote a whole post about it already 🙂 I chaperoned my daughter’s week-long choir trip to NYC, just returned on the train last night. On the way home I picked up HB at the train station and was so excited to see your picture in there!! Congrats!!

  4. Ha! I remember this distinctly! I love pink, love how it can be incorporated into any room for instant glam. This photo made me want to start from scratch…go find a beat up display hutch…refinish…and paint or add geometric wallpaper to the back. I love hearing how these photos end up in print. Very inspiring 🙂 I’m sitting in my little alcove, working on my laptop on my vintage find desk, staring down at MY collection of design magazines on a restored metal/mesh shelf–“your” issue is right on top!

  5. How awesome is that! This is actually one of the few volumes that I have a physical copy of. My other copies are downloaded on my ipad. I actually read that section and thought that was an awesome color choice. How funny to stumple across your blog and see its your house!! Congrats, again!.

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