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Thank you to Erin from
Today I am a Guest Blogger (on my most favorite of eye candy blogs!!!!)
and that may even be what has brought
you to MY OLD COUNTRY HOUSE today!
I am home!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
to all of you who sent me prayers
and kind wishes for my Dad who…is still in the hospital.
But better. I hope.
It is a lot of two steps forward…three steps back right now..
incredibly difficult
for everyone…especially him. He is such a fighter.
 But I am home and feeling a bit overwhelmed as I
step back into MY life.
It is like jumping on a running treadmill.
Or into a wagon which is going down the hill!
Can’t fall off!
My next show opens in 5 weeks!
So in order to calm my
“I have NOTHING!!!!” freak out,
I took inventory this morning….and…
 I am in better shape than I thought.
here are 4 paintings….oF about 9 that I have Mostly done
which will likely be in the show.
My Goal is to have about 17 finished paintings in the show.
20″ X 20″
My house is always very alive with color when I am in preparation for a show!
My kitchen in my “studio” and there are paintings in progress…
20″ X 20″
 My dream is to have a Studio, behind my house,
where I can leave things out…
and be messy and have works in progress…all over the place!
if wishes were fishes…
ONE fine Lady stepping out…
30″ X 40″
 Thanks again and see you tomorrow!
Oh and by the way…Hi Billy I hope you feel better!
We miss you!

6 thoughts on “FOUR , THREE, TWO AND ONE….Breathe…

  1. Welcome home! I was just wondering yesterday, where you do your art! You answered my thought! The kitchen is where I do art too! I had a studio in my old house, but found I didn’t like working by myself in the basement. Great pieces! Where is your show?
    dee dee

  2. Lesli, I’m coming from House of Turquoise, and had to leave a note here too. I just love your blog. Your paintings are scrumptious! I know they will sell well…I love the four sheep. Reminds me of my trip to Ireland and goes perfectly with my home decor too. I’ll be praying for your father and your family. I understand the stress of having the family patriarch out of commission. I’ll pray for God’s healing hand to touch him. May he bring you peace too, as you pull your life and obligations back together. Now following you!

  3. I love your work! and your house is darling. I am glad to know other artists do things at the last minute. I create jewelry and have shows, and I seem to always be taking inventory a few days beforehand. You would think I would learn but it seems to always work out. Thank you God! I will be adding your blog to my new reading routine!

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