my old country house


….a few weeks ago I did a HUGE Spring Cleaning of my “Old Sleeping Porch” which is where I store – in addition to all of my College kids “STUFF” – ALL of my ARTWORK. Things had gotten completely out of control and it all came to a head one day when I spent 4 hours trying to find my purse!!! – which ended up being hung on the back of a door! Anyway – here are the BEFORE and the AFTER :

In addition to all of the artwork I have listed for sale on my website and on – I found many paintings that for one reason or another I had previously decided not to sell.

Last week, I spontaneously listed one of these paintings on my Instagram


and sold it in 30 minutes! I realized that I had lots of paintings that I could part with this way to my loyal followers and I will be listing them – I guess until I run out – each Friday on my Instagram.

This is the painting for sale this week – 30″ x 40″ and has a small 1/2 tear which has been repaired and varnished over in the upper center sky area.

So, if you are interested in acquiring some affordable ART – follow my @leslidevitopaintings Instagram and stay tuned.

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  1. Great job! i love clearing stuff out. I just wanted to say I really miss your blogging. It seems like it’s getting to be a longer time between your updates. I hope everything is ok.

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