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MONDAY MAKEOVER ON Friday – Picnic Bench Makeover & Tutorial

Recycle the Old and Bring on the NEW!!!
This has been perhaps one of my MOST rewarding makeovers- EVER!!! 
Rewarding because I took a piece of furniture that was truly a nothing piece…just a bench…
yes it was cute-ish, I had painted it high gloss yellow after I bought it for a song at a used furniture store in D.C. . 
It has been at the foot of our bed, all but forgotten and certainly not high on the list of “MUST-DO’s”!!

BUT NOW!!!!!
it is a gorgeous piece!


Gather all of your supplies:

You will need:
1. Picnic Bench or long bench or even a short bench!
2 .fabric
3. scissors
4. soft cotton batting
5. staple gun and staples (1/4″)  I highly recommend investing in an electric one
6. measuring tape or yardstick and a pencil

7. foam
This foam was part of a sofa a cushion that I no longer use.
I cut and pieced it together. Reduce – Reuse- recycle!!!
8. nail head tacks – this  foot bench took 9 packages of 25 tacks/pack.
9. sheet or drop cloth for floor
10. Dog sleeping on the sofa to keep you company …

Lay down your drop cloth . 
On the drop cloth (This will help catch random staples and tacks and keep the fabric clean as well)  LAY DOWN in this order – 
1.fabric (cut to size) face down,

 2. batting next and then lay the 
3. foam and then the 
4. bench top down upon the foam.
As far as cutting the fabric – my bench is 10″ wide and 50″ long so.
I cut my fabric 20″ wide and 70″ long this gave me height for the foam, and leftover the wrap below.

I began stapling by alternating side to side, to make sure the fabric pulled evenly. I discovered that if I kneeled on the bench it would depress the foam, eliminating the need for me to PULL the fabric so hard. I finished the bench this way and it gave me a nice tight pull of the fabric. I got a few lumps, but oh well.

when I got to the end, I wanted to cover up the area where I had lots of stapling…I took a piece of the batting and glued it on top. 

I took the fabric and folded it over and stapled it down underneath.

 View of the bench, PRE NAILHEAD TRIM…I love the gray and yellow!!!!

 I drew a line across the bottom edge of the sides, and followed that line with the nailhead trim. I discovered that if I used my needle nose pliers, that I could move faster and I avoided
hitting my fingers with the hammer. 
I purchased a magnetized tack hammer for this project
 ($6.50@ Lowes ) and I am IN LOVE with the difference it makes! 
 Because I pieced together two pieces of foam, I ended up with a teeny lump, but hey, this is going in MY bedroom, and NO ONE will notice it…In fact…my husband may not even notice that I upholstered it to begin with!!!!

My Son Cooper was a HUGE help, I held the tacks with my pliers and he did the tapping!
It made a difference following the pencil line, I have done it without…
and I would not recommend it.
The final result..! 

I love how it looks, especially, when placed at the foot of my/our bed!!! I am so excited about how great it all looks together.

Project Breakdown:
Cost: Fabric, Batting, Staple Gun, pliers, foam, bench,  – recycled – I had all of these supplies. 
Tacks – $12.00 ($1.30/pack)
Magnetized tack Hammer – $6.50
I bought the fabric over a year ago, with something else in mind
 that never materialized (HAH…no pun intended!!!). 
The batting I had leftover from an upholstery project a few years ago. 
I bought the nail head trim yesterday at Lowes for $1.30/pack and everything else I had.

Total time 2 hours, and it probably could have taken less time… had I not had to take breaks to pick up kids from school, teach a drama class, drive to my daughter’s  Track Practice, take my son to a hair cut appointment, make dinner (okay… so I ordered pizza!!!)…but I did get it all done in one day!

It is most assuredly a great weekend project!

 Take a look around… do you have any benches that might be improved with upholstery? 
I am already looking for my next project. 

Have a Great Weekend!

15 thoughts on “MONDAY MAKEOVER ON Friday – Picnic Bench Makeover & Tutorial

  1. I really love this! I have been wanting a bench at the foot of our bed for a while, but I could not afford to spend $200+. I would have never thought to use a picnic bench! Thank you so much for this tutorial and I love the decor in your room:)


  2. I love it when I see that someone has the same bedding as we do! The bench looks great and gives me some inspiration to add to our master bedroom. 🙂

  3. Lesli this is a beautiful upholstering job! Wonderful job! I saw your link up over at Tatertots and Jello! Thank you for sharing! I’m your newest follower!


  4. I love the bench idea. I also love the gray/yellow combo of your bedding. Did you make it or purchase it? I would love to find something like that for my tired bedroom!

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