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Grey and Yellow – Yellow and Gray – SAVE THE DAY!!!!

Is it Gray or Grey?
Seriously , I should know this?
Maybe it is both…
I just looked it up..
and came to a site called of all things
they say:
Is it grey or gray?
is likely one of the most frequently asked questions in regards to common misspellings..
“grAy is how it’s spelled in America 
grEy is how it’s spelled in England”
…..and then they go on to list other words, spelled differently in the US vs England. I love the internet!!!!

I have always been a fan of Grey. (I am soooo British!)

      And of Gray and Pink, and blue and yellow and Red oh LOVE Gray and Red!, and even white. I Love Gray. I painted our bedroom  gray before it became “popular”. In fact I made up a color I called “Bergman Gray” and I even sent the recipe, well, I guess they call it a formula, you don’t eat it!.. for Petey sake, I sent Benjamin Moore the “formula” for my Bergman Grey, but I still have not seen any payola!
     The color, if you must know, was arrived at under duress, after trying 6 different grays on our bedroom wall. One was too dark(Stonington Gray), one too light (Horizon), one too pink (Portland Gray) I did LOVE that one though, hubby did not,  Too Blue (Feather Gray) and too light blue (Winter Ice) and finally one I adore, but already used in the kids bath (Wickham Gray)  . Some were samples I had, so I could not tell you the proportions, I can only tell you that I got frustrated and poured whatever was left in all six cans in a 5 gallon bucket !!! And what I ended up with was GORGEOUS!!!! In case you ever want to try it here is the formula – my buddy Nancy at
Benjamin Moore figured it out –
Oy  0x 12.5000
BK   0x 18.000
MA  0x 1.000
So you can imagine how excited I was when I got my NEW issue of
Yellow and Gray Cover Story!
well, I was excited for multiple reasons, the most immediate being the COVER
which had the word “MAKEOVER” which is really what my middle initial “M” stands for, though my my birth certificate it says “Mallory”.
And the Cover room is a dynamite grey and yellow kitchen!!
Bright happy yellow walls with Grey and white and yellow print fabric and the most
incredible floor!
Yellow and Gray/Grey is HOT!… Tell me something I dont’t know!!

I am still so in love with our Bedroom!

Master Dresser...perfect...but where do I put my clothes?
Master Dresser…perfect…but where do I put my clothes?
So is Charlie



I never tire of this combination..
Maddie G Designs
Jenna Lyons


Jenna Lyons Nursery!
Here is the thing. I could show you hundreds of photos that demonstrate how the marriage  of yellow and gray or grey! is one that will last longer
than most, but you can mosey over to
pinterest, or google and see more if you choose.
What I really want to leave you with is this: There are very tried and true
combinations that work, and work and work, no matter what the overall
style or time period is;  be in Traditional, Eclectic or Mid Century Modern
or Country Inspired…
and I think
this combination of Yellow and Gray is one of them.
 Others may come and go, but I challenge you to find a time when this combination,
even if it was the NOT the Cover story, looked good.
And when you are trying to make beautiful things happen in your home, and stick to a
realistic, not Real Housewives of Beverly hills Budget, you cannot go wrong with this
combination…It will last and last and that is worth every penny you spend.
My ONLY addendum is that personally, I think that Yellow and Grey needs a dab, like a lipstick amount, of another color to cut the potential for monotony, like how Jenna Lyons here even uses black or orange and how I used the deep pink pillows on our bed. It just gives it that extra something. You know…. like pickles on a burger…
you are just fine without them, ‘
but boy do they make a difference when you have them.
 That is of course if you are a pickle person, and I am!

3 thoughts on “Grey and Yellow – Yellow and Gray – SAVE THE DAY!!!!

  1. Our base color scheme in our new house is gray. I currently have yellow pillows on the chairs and love the look. Gray seems to be such a neutral color and goes with so many accents! You colors are very inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Dee Dee

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