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Friday Makeover – TRADITIONAL HOME Serpentine Dresser


A few months ago I was flipping through my Traditional Home Magazine and I came upon this photo. 

I adore Tobi Fairley and this 
Home was no exception.
I am especially over the moon in love with this
wallpaper, for as you know,
 I am 
on the hunt for a wallpaper to do
an accent wall with.
BUT, what really grabbed my attention is
 this Serpentine Dresser.

I went into my dining room to look at my
$25 yard sale Oak Bow front dresser
which I had painted in High Gloss Black
before I even got it into the house.
“Hmmm,” I wondered…
“Is there a transformation about to happen?”
 I painted the drawers white and 
then I went online to
 cabinethardwareuniverse.com and 
bought all of these knobs for $30. and voila!!!!

I LOVE this dresser.
 Not only is it highly functional,
but it now looks like a million bucks!!!
I am still on the hunt for those little plaques
that cover the key holes.

Side note: I personally have a slight Dresser addiction
my Old Country House has too few closets.
Dressers are indispensable
as storage options.
I use them for EVERYTHING!
Each room in my house has a minimum of TWO!!!!

I love touches of nature in my decor…this 
Missoni bowl bowl holds items collected…in the yard.
and ..at the beach…

There you have it!
Transformation time:
20 minutes plus the 3 days wait on
the new hardware!
What a difference!

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