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Missoni for Target and the PINK CABINET makeover

I love pink.
read HERE.

I just Love it. It makes me happy.
It makes me smile.Not frilly pink.
more…sassy pink.
but I do LOVE pink.
Quite often I use it in my paintings….like this one…
30″ X 40″ 
So,  if I am itching for a makeover, 
…..usually the first thing that will pop into
my mind is ….
“What can I paint? and ….next thought…
“and what can I paint Pink?”

…enter the Living Room Cabinet.
We have had this cabinet for a while now. 
over 10 years I think?
A score from a used furniture store
it used to have doors, I took them off.
it has serve multiple purposes, 
and has been unfinished and then painted
and then shabbied
and then un-shabbied…
over the years
and currently resides in our living room
as my magazine and book holder.
there it is tucked back in the corner…not bad..
but…not good either…actually…kind of sad….
(really that whole wall kind of is embarrassing to put out there, but trust me, it gets better…)

Before – it was a nice soft gray…”Winter Gray” 
by Benjamin Moore.
I loved it for a while this color,
A warm gray with a touch of lavender…it is  
peaceful and not in need of so much attention.
but nothing lasts forever…..I was getting the itch…
and  I needed some punch!!!
some… POC- Pop Of Color…


After!!! Punch! POC!
“Springtime Bloom” By Benjamin Moore.
my Missoni bowls….yippee!!!!

I love the Missoni for Target Platter I scored at our Little Out of the way Target,
probably the only Target in the country that did not have a full parking lot yesterday morning!!!
That’s the country for ya!
Still, today, almost everything is gone….yes, I went back…so sue me!

cost of this makeover – $12.00!

sometimes it just takes a little color…the make a BIG difference…look around you…is there something that has just been sleeping away, over in the corner that you and a can of paint and 15 minutes could breathe new life into?
Well, What are you waiting for!!!!
Go for it…seriously…
What is the worse thing that could happen?
you hate it…you paint it again!!!!

Do you have a favorite color? To decorate with?
To wear? and are they the same color?

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